Conference Sponsors

Partner Institutions Supporting the Conference 

·         Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation 

·         Haifa University, National Security Studies Center 

·         The Jewish Agency for Israel and the World Zionist Organization 

·         The American Jewish Committee 

·         Ministry of Defense 

·         Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

·         Bank Leumi 

·         National Security Council, Prime Minister's Office 


Supporters of the Institute of Policy and Strategy 

·         Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder 

·         Dalia and Mordechai Segal 

·         Yossi Hollander 

·         Roger Hertog 

·         Raphael Benaroya 

·         Eta and Sass Somekh 

·         Felix Posen 

·         Alfred Akirov 

·         Walter Stern 

·         Kenneth J. Bialkin 


Our Thanks for the Cooperation of: 

·         IBM 

·         IDF Radio 

·         The City of Herzliya 


·         N.D.S. Technologies 

·         The First International Bank 

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