Dr. Richard Landes, Boston University; Director & Co-Founder, Center for Millennial Studies




We are living in an unanticipated era. Who would have thought that Oslo would become the road map to peace in this region? Who would have thought that anti-Semitism has been on the increase in recent years? Who would have thought that someone would stand up in the eyes of the Muslim public and call for the destruction of Israel?


     Let me start with the bad news: First, the European democratic civilization can fall before the Islamic challenge. Do not say that this will never happen in Europe and that Islam will not be able to take control of Europe. If Europe continues its current path, the fall will be sooner. Second, the mainstream media has been assisting the Jihadese by their biased treatment of the Arab-Israeli conflict. As the eyes and ears of the modern society, the mainstream media has fallen into many failures by emphasizing the violence and the hatred in the region, helping the Muslim propaganda, and misinforming and betraying the trust of the public. As a result, whenever Israel and the Jews defend ourselves we tend to make the situation worse.


   The good news is that there has been an increase in international interest and a growth of independent audience in the recent years towards the issues in the region. There are people who want to hear how Israel is fighting for their dignity as a people and a nation. The increasing use of internet and the growth of blogsphere inexpensively helped to improve the public opinion on Israel and the Jewish people.


      What can Israel and the Jews do? Know who you are. Do not allow the left-right political differences and the religious-secular conflict blind you from the values all of you share. With your mouths and hearts speak up for the truth. What can the Israeli government do? Take charge. The government can challenge the media to do their own review before the reports conveniently divide the public and become damaging to Israel's public opinion.


     My advice to the journalists: Be true to your profession. Pay attention to what you are reporting and be honest to yourself and to the audience. Stand with what matters to the audience and not the editors. Blow the whistles should the regulations challenge your honesty and integrity to report the truth.


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