The 7th Conference - 2007

The seventh annual Herzliya Conference

January 21-24, 2007


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Since the inception of the Herzliya Conference Series on the Balance of Israel’s National Security, it has appeared that Israel‘s national agenda is determined each year by developments that continuously challenge its national strength. Every year, crucial decisions have highlighted the agenda. This was reflected throughout the Conferences, from the inaugural Conference in 2000, prior to the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and the recent Intifada, and through the dramatic events which took place thereafter, shaping every Conference.


The 2007 Herzliya Conference will convene amidst the repercussions of the campaign in Lebanon, regional and international developments, and their implications for Israel‘s security and diplomatic postures. The Conference deliberations aim to elucidate the components comprising Israel‘s national strength in the fields of governance, society, economy and Jewish values.


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