Mr. Tommy Steiner

Tommy Steiner is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy, IDC Herzliya. At the Institute, Tommy works on various policy research projects focusing mainly on EU and NATO relations with Israel, the Mediterranean and the Broader Middle East. A member of the founding team of the Annual Herzliya Conference Series, Tommy managed the Conference series from 2007 through 2013 - a period during which the Herzliya Conference became considered one of the top international policy conferences. Concurrently, Tommy teaches International Relations and Security Studies at IDC's Lauder School of Government.


Tommy served as the executive director of the Atlantic Forum of Israel, a network-based policy organization that promoted and advanced Israel's relations with the Euro-Atlantic Community, and which was especially instrumental in enhancing NATO-Israel relations.


Extending beyond EU/NATO relations with Israel and the Middle East/Mediterranean, Tommy's fields of expertise also include international security, transatlantic relations, international relations theory, and regionalism in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. In his areas of expertise, Tommy regularly advises Israeli authorities, international organizations, business, media and think-tanks.


Tommy earned his MA (cum laude) in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is the recipient of the Yehoshafat Harkaby Award from the Hebrew University's Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations. Tommy resides in Herzliya, Israel, with his sons, Jonathan and Ariel, and his daughter, Talya.  


Publications by Mr. Tommy Steiner


Phone: +972-9-9527389 

Email: tsteiner@idc.ac.il 

Follow Tommy on Twitter: @Tommy_Herzliya



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