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The Egyptian navy in the Red Sea

Shaul Shay

January 2017



The Jordanian kingdom and the threat of the Islamic State

Shaul Shay

January 2017


President Abd al Fatah al-Sisi and the stability of Egypt and the region

Shaul Shay

November 2016


The "Missile war" in the Arab Peninsula

Shaul Shay

November 2016



Hijrah According to the Islamic State An Analysis of Dabiq

Uberman, Matan; Shay, Shaul

2016, September

Counter Terrorist Trends and Analysis 8(9), 16-20



Exercise "Defenders of Friendship 2016" and Egypt-Russia strategic

Shaul Shay

November 2016


The Bab El Mandab strait and the Houthi threat

Shaul Shay

October 2016



The fall of Dabiq and the fall of the Caliphate

Shaul Shay

October 2016



Saudi Arabia at crossroad in the war in Yemen

Shaul Shay

August 2016



Jabhat Fateh al-Sham - Did Jabhat al-Nusra Split from Al-Qaeda?

Shaul Shay and Ely Karmon

August 2016



Arab world survey

Alex Mintz and Eli Mograbi

June 2016


From Partnership to Community

Amitai Etzioni

June 2016


Christians in Middle East at risk

Dr. Anan Wahabi

June 2016


Jabhat al-Nusra at Crossroads

Shaul Shay and Ely Karmon

June 2016


Perspectives on the Future and Its Current Implications

Yoram (Jerry) Wind

June 2016


The Rise and Fall of the Caliphates

Shaul Shay. May 2016 


A New National Agenda for Israe Prospects and Risks in a Complex and Changing Reality

Alex Mintz. October 2015


After the Vienna Agreement Could Israel and a Nuclear Iran Coexist? 

Louis René Beres. September 2015



Oded Brosh. August 2015


Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Vienna, 14 July 2015 – Summary and Assessments

Oded Brosh. July 2015


Iran Nuclear File: Deadline Extended, Deal within Reach

Oded Brosh. July 2015


Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Cautious Optimism & Continuing Challenges

Oded Brosh. May 2015


Attitudes of Hispanics toward Israel

Amnon Cavari & Shir Marom Melnik. May 2015


The Lausanne Iran Nuclear Framework Agreement – Good Deal, Bad Deal, Both or Neither?

Oded Brosh April, 2015


Israeli Public Opinion Toward the US: Divided Along Party Lines

Amnon Cavari & Guy Freedman. March 2015


The IAEA February 2015 Report on Iran – An Assessment

Oded Brosh. February 2015


Iran-The Days After a Deal: Regional and Global Implications

Alex Mintz and Shaul Shay December 2014



Updating Israel's National Security Doctrine

The Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS) has established “The Herzliya Forum for Redrafting Israel's National Security Doctrine”, headed by Professor Alex Mintz. The program has organized a series of symposia on various aspects of the national security doctrine, featuring leading practitioners and experts.read more 


Discussion paper series:

The Need to Reformulate Israel’s National Security Doctrine – Alex Mintz & Shaul Shay,(In Hebrew)

Adaptation as a Component of Israel’s National Security Doctrine – Alex Mintz & Shaul Shay, (In Hebrew)


The Security Doctrine and the Place of the Army In Israeli Society – Yoav Gelber, (In Hebrew)


Israel’s Security Challenges In Dealing With Terror In The Present and Future – Boaz Ganor, (In Hebrew)


USA-Israel Relations – A Quick Glance – Zalman Shoval, (In Hebrew)


Protecting Israel’s Territorial Water – Shaul Shay, (In Hebrew)


Israel’s National Security Doctrine – Definitions and Characteristics – Dov Tamari, (In Hebrew)


The Arab Spring and Israel’s National Security Doctrine – Shaul Mishal, (In Hebrew)


The Help of Effective Foreign Policy in Israel’s National Security Formation – Ronen Hoffman, (In Hebrew)


Reformulating Israel’s National Security Doctrine – Alex Mintz & Shaul Shay, (In Hebrew)


Syria and the sub terrain warfare – the Hamas connection – Shaul Shay 


Egypt's war against the tunnels between Sinai and Gaza Strip

Shaul Shay. January 2016




IPS correctly predicted a major shift by the Iranian Leadership and the timing of this shift

In an opening address delivered at the Herzliya Conference in March 2013, professor Alex Mintz, head of the IPS, correctly predicted, based on decision theoretic analysis, a major shift in the Iranian leadership's policy on its nuclear program and the timing of this shift. Mintz presented a sophisticated Decision Support System for predicting the Iranian leadership decisions. He predicted that the election of a new President in Iran will enable the supreme leader of Iran to make a shift in policy to ease the economic sanctions, prevent or delay an Israeli attack and a potential confrontation with the US over Iran's nuclear program. Mintz claimed, based on his Applied Decision Analysis (ADA) procedure and methodology, that understanding the "cognitive algebra" of leaders of rival states and terrorist groups, is key to understanding and predicting their decisions.


Putin's Syria Strategy

Russian Airstrikes and What Comes Next Dmitry Adamsky Foreign Affairs

October 2015





Putin's Damascus Steal

How Russia Got Ahead in the Middle East

Dmitry Adamsky

Foreign Affairs

September 2015



The Twelfth Annual Herzliya Conference

January 30 - February 2, 2012

Campus of the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, in Israel.



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