Adv. Liat Aaronson is the Executive Director of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program at the IDC Herzliya, a leading private university in Israel. Liat is also a director of StartUp Seeds, a young technology entrepreneurship incubator in Israel.

Ms. Rawia Aburabia is an attorney at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. She joined ACRI’s Arab Minority Rights Department in September 2009 as a New Israel Fund Civil Liberties Fellow. As one of only five female Bedouin attorneys in Israel, she has been at the forefront of several civil rights initiatives, many of which focused on Bedouin women’s rights. In addition, Ms. Aburabia is Israel’s premier expert on polygamy in Negev Bedouin society, having completed her MA thesis, “Redefining Polygamy among the Palestinian Bedouins in Israel: Colonialism, Patriarchy and Resistance”, on this issue. Prior to joining ACRI, Ms. Aburabia advocated for the individual and collective rights of Bedouin, particularly Bedouin women, in various government ministries, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Israeli Attorney General Office’s Civil Department, and the Ministry of Justice, as well as through civil rights organizations such as Yedid. In addition, Ms. Aburabia is an active member of the international board of the Abraham Fund Initiatives, the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, and the Van Leer Institute Women’s Working Group. She holds a BA degree in law and social work and an LL.M. from American University.

Mr. Shai Agassi is an Israeli entrepreneur. He is the founder and former CEO of Better Place, which developed a model and infrastructure for employing electric cars as an alternative to fossil fuel technology. Prior to founding Better Place, Agassi was President of the Products and Technology Group (PTG) at SAP AG until 2007.  Throughout the 90s, Agassi successfully started and sold a number of technology startups in the areas of enterprise software, internet technology, multimedia and small business administration. Agassi has a BA degree in computer science and has been awarded a large number of patents in software, automotive and energy infrastructure.

Mr. Ashraf al Ajrami is the former Minister of Prisoners Affairs for the Palestinian Authority and an author and researcher who most recently published a book entitled "The Religious Media Rhetoric and Human Rights." Following the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, Al-Ajrami worked at the Information Ministry as Director of Israeli Affairs and later became Deputy Director of the external media. He played an active role in the Palestinian resistance and spent 12 years in Israeli prisons from 1984 to 1996.

Prof. Jon B. Alterman is the Zbigniew Brzezinski Chair in Global Security and Geostrategy and is director of the Middle East Program at CSIS, the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Prior to joining CSIS in 2002, he served as a member of the Policy Planning Staff at the U.S. Department of State and as a special assistant to the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs. He is a member of the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel and served as an expert adviser to the Iraq Study Group (also known as the Baker-Hamilton Commission). In addition to his policy work, he teaches Middle Eastern studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and at George Washington University. Before entering government, he was a scholar at the U.S. Institute of Peace and at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. From 1993 to 1997, Alterman was an award-winning teacher at Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D. in history.

Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror is a former Major General and National Security Advisor of Israel, and was also the head of the Research Department of Israeli military intelligence. He has recently joined the BESA Center as the Anne and Greg Rosshandler Senior Fellow. Major General Yaacov Amidror served with the Israel Defense Forces for 36 years (1966-2002). During his military career, General Amidror was commander of  the IDF Military Colleges, military secretary to the Minister of  Defense, director of the Intelligence Analysis Division (responsible for the annual National Intelligence Assessment) in IDF Military Intelligence, head of a large scale technology project, intelligence chief of the Northern Command, and head of the “Devil’s Advocate” branch of Military Intelligence. Since retiring from the armed forces, General Amidror has published Reflections on Army and Security (Hebrew); and Intelligence, Theory and Practice (Hebrew), along with journal articles on strategy and intelligence matters.

Mr. Michael Auerbach was Vice President at Control Risks, a global risk consultancy firm, prior to joining Albright Stonebridge Group. Control Risks acquired Michael's previous firm, chaired by the late Theodore C. Sorensen, Social Risks in 2009. Michael has also worked for a number of blue chip new media companies including Viacom, Pseudo Programs, and Cable & Wireless. From there, Michael founded, and raised significant venture capital for, a technology incubator, Panopticon, Inc.  Michael also held senior positions at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C. and The Century Foundation in New York where he concentrated on issues related to U.S. foreign policy, national security, and peace.  Michael is a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations; National Security Fellow at the Truman National Security Project; Advisory Board Member to the Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice at CUNY School of Law; and an Advisory Board Member at J-Street.

Prof. Shlomo Avineri is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He served as the Director General of the Foreign Ministry during Yitzhak Rabin’s first government. He has also held many academic administrative positions, including Head of the Political Science Department at Hebrew University, Director of the Eshkol Institute for Research on Economic, Policy and Society in Israel, Dean of the Social Sciences Faculty, and Director of the Institute for European Studies. Prof. Avineri has held visiting positions at Yale, Cornell, and Oxford Universities, and in a number of research institutes around the world. He is the 1996 Israel Prize Laureate, and has published many books, including “The Social and Political Thought of Karl Marx” (1968), “Hegel’s Theory of the Modern State” (1972), and “Herzl - An Intellectual Biography” (2008). He graduated from the Hebrew University and the London School of Economics, and holds a Ph.D. in political science.

Dr. Eitan Azani currently serves as deputy executive director of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya. He is a Colonel (Res.) in the Israel Defense Forces, with operational, research and academic experience in counter-terrorism in the regional and international arenas. As part of his position at ICT, Dr. Azani maintains working relations and advises both private and government entities on counter-terrorism issues. Dr. Azani lectures at the School of Government and Politics at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and additional security and organizational establishments in Israel and abroad. Eitan Azani obtained his B.A. in Economy, Political Science and Geography at Bar-Ilan University, Israel and his M.A. (with honors) in the Security and Strategy Studies Program of Tel-Aviv University. Dr. Azani's Ph.D. dissertation for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was entitled “The Development of Revolutionary Islamic Movements a case study of Hezbollah.”

Lt. Gen. (res.) Ehud Barak  is the most highly decorated Israeli general, a former Prime Minister, Chief of Staff, and Defense Minister. In 1968 Barak completed a BA degree in Physics and Mathematics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and in 1987, a MA degree in Systems Analysis at Stanford University in California.

Mr. Rafael L. Bardají was a former Spanish National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Aznar and is Director of the Friends of Israel Initiative. He also held the positions of Director of International Policy and Foreign and Security Policy Advisor to former President of the Government of Spain, José María Aznar, at the FAES Foundation. Rafael helped to create the Spanish think tank Real Instituto Elcano, was the senior Executive Advisor to the Spanish Defense Minister, is on the advisory board of the Special Operations command at NATO, and is a member of various private sector boards.

MK Omer Bar-Lev is an Israeli politician and member of the Labor party. He is a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and head of the subcommittee on human resources and army training. In 1971, he joined the IDF and served as a fighter and as a team commander in Sayeret Matkal. He participated in both the Savoy Hotel and "Jonathan" operations, among others.

Prof. Amir Barnea is the former Dean and Founder of the Arison School of Business at IDC Herzliya. He is Professor Emeritus in Business Administration at Tel Aviv University. He currently serves in a number of senior positions in the Israeli business world, on public committees at the Bank of Israel and the Ministry of Finance, and at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Prof. Barnea is a former visiting professor at a number of universities, including Cornell University, Rice University in Texas, and New York University. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. He holds a Ph.D. in finance and managerial economics from Cornell University.

Ms. Zviya Baron is the Principal at Petro Quantum, a Dutch based energy consultancy firm, serving as the Director of Alternative Energy, and leads this activity in Israel and internationally. She guides ongoing efforts to leverage the economic development of Israel through energy innovation. She is currently serving as the "in-house" advisor to the Energy Committee at the Israeli National R&D Council, which is aimed at promoting energy research and development. She also directs projects with corporations on various energy innovation strategy programs. Prior to heading Petro Quantum's alternative energy practice, Ms. Baron served as the CEO of an alternative fuels start up. In addition, she served as a consultant to various Israeli and Dutch entrepreneurs and start-up companies on marketing and business development strategies. Ms. Baron earned her MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands.

Mr. Allan Hanoch Barkat is the CEO of Dualis - Israel Social Venture Fund. Previously, he served as Managing Director of Apax Partners Israel, one of the worlds’ leading private equity investment groups. Under his guidance, Apax's role included early-stage hi tech investments and transactions such as the acquisition of the controlling interest in Bezeq – a deal Apax concluded together with the Saban Group and Arkin Communications. Before Apax, Allan was VP of Marketing and Sales at DSP Corporation, which was later purchased by Intel. He was also CEO of the Japanese office of DSPG. During the last few years Allan has chosen to focus on social projects, where he has combined his broad experience with social initiatives: he has served as Chairman of the Ness Fund, which granted loans to businesses in the Negev; was board member of a number of NPOs and served as a mentor for businesses in the Northern area of Israel. These ventures led him to believe that there is an opportunity and a real need to encourage social entrepreneurs to create profitable social businesses. Allan Barkat has a B.Sc in Computer Science from the Technion and an MBA from the international Kellogg-Recanati Program.

The Honorable Han ten Broeke is a member of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy in the Netherlands. He has been an MP since November 30, 2006. He focuses on matters of foreign affairs and the Dutch defense. Ten Broeke studied political science with a specialization in international relations at Leiden University.

Prof. Gabriel Ben-Dor is a professor of political science at the University of Haifa’s School of Political Science. He previously served as Head of the School, Head of the National Security Research Center, Rector of the University, and President of the Israel Political Science Association. He chaired two Governmental Commissions on Druze Education, and was the Chairman of the Governmental Committee of the Development of Infrastructure of Social Sciences in Israel. He has published seven books and over 120 articles on Middle Eastern politics, civil-military relations, conflict resolution, and ethnic politics. He holds a PhD in political science and Middle East Studies from Princeton University.

Dr. Ayelet Ben-Ezer is the Vice President for Student Affairs at IDC Herzliya. She has served as a faculty member and a lecturer at the Radzyner Law School at IDC Herzliya, the Law Faculty at Haifa University, and as a lecturer at the Law Faculty at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Ben-Ezer serves as an External Director at Dan Company for Public Transportation Ltd. and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the IDC Herzliya. She served as an External Director at Koor Industries Ltd., Chairman of the Audit Committee, Chairman of the Financial Statements Review Committee, Chairman of the Merging Committee, and as a member of the Investment Committee. In addition she served as a Director at Tirat Zvi Ltd. and as a Director at Tnuva Galil LTD. She holds a Ph.D. in Law from Tel Aviv University.

Ms. Gila Ben-Har is the Executive Director of CET, the Center for Educational Technology. Ms. Ben-Har received both her B.A. and M.A. degrees from Bar-Ilan University specializing in curriculum, educational administration and technology in education. Ms. Ben Har’s previous position was head of the Education, Culture and Sport Administration in the Municipality of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, where she directed the planning and implementation of educational policy for four years. CET, the Center for Educational Technology, which Ben Har heads, is a non-profit organization that has been working to promote education in Israel over the past four decades, and is the leading player in the development and introduction of both printed and digital content for teaching, learning and assessment. She is a member of the first graduating class at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership in Jerusalem. During her studies, Ms. Ben Har researched new trends, decentralization and centralization of the education system, and the place of the education system in local government.

Maj. Gen. (res.) Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel is the Chairman of the Israel National Council for Research and Development and a professor at the Strategic Studies Program and the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University. He is the Chairman of the Israeli Space Agency, and a former Member of Knesset for Kadima. He served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for over 30 years in various roles, including: Head of the Research Branch of Air Force Intelligence, Head of Research and Development for both the IDF and the Ministry of Defense, and Head of Military R&D (MAFAT) at the Ministry of Defense. He has published numerous books and articles on military and security issues, and is a two-time recipient of the Israel Defense Prize. He holds a Ph.D. in the philosophy of science from Tel Aviv University.

MK Naftali Bennett is an Israeli politician. He is the Minister of the Economy, and the leader of the right-wing political party The Jewish Home, as well as the extra-parliamentary movement My Israel. After serving in the Sayeret Matkal and Maglan special forces units, Bennett became a software entrepreneur. In 1999, he co-founded and co-owned the encryption and network security software company Cyota. He has also served as CEO of Soluto, a cloud computing service. From 2006 until 2008 Mr. Bennett served as Chief of Staff for Benjamin Netanyahu. In 2011, together with Ayelet Shaked, he co-founded the My Israel extra-parliamentary movement.

Mr. Ron Ben-Yishai is a commentator and reporter on military affairs for Yedioth Ahronoth and Ynet. He has held various senior positions in the print and electronic media including Chief Editor of Davar newspaper, a correspondent for Time, editor of numerous in depth interviews and research broadcasts on Israeli Channels 1 and 2, Yediot Aharonot’s Political Correspondent in Washington, Special Assignment Correspondent for Yedioth Ahronoth, and Commander and Chief of the Israeli Army Radio. Mr. Ben-Yishai received various prizes for his work, including the Kinor David Award for Best Documentary in 1978, and a lifetime achievement award at the Eilat News Conference in 2008. He holds a B.A. in economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Honorable Samuel R. (Sandy) Berger is Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group, and is actively involved across the firm’s engagements and regions, with a strong focus on Asia, Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Drawing on experiences at the highest levels of government and in the private sector, Mr. Berger helps clients successfully navigate emerging economies and beyond. Mr. Berger has had a distinguished career in both the public and private sectors. From 1997-2001, he served as National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton. In that capacity, Mr. Berger drove policy across a range of issues – the fight against terrorism; Iraq; advancing the peace process in the Middle East; and strengthening the U.S. relationship with India and China, among others. Previously, he served as Deputy National Security Advisor during President Clinton’s first term; as director of national security for the 1992 Clinton-Gore Transition; and as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Governor Clinton during the 1992 presidential campaign.

Dr. Ronen Bergman is a Senior Correspondent for Military and Intelligence Affairs for Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s largest circulated daily newspaper and is also a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine – writing extensively on Middle Eastern politics and affairs. Dr. Bergman is frequently interviewed by major US broadcasting and cable networks, the BBC, and Al-Jazeera. Dr. Bergman is the author of five bestselling Hebrew language non-fiction books, covering topics that range from government corruption and conflict in the Middle East to Israel’s POWs and MIAs, the Iranian nuclear project, and Mossad activities. Throughout his journalistic career, Dr. Bergman has championed the causes of freedom of information and freedom of the press, often taking his battles with the Israeli security establishment to the courts in order to protect the public’s right to know. These campaigns and the publications of his stories did not go unnoticed; Dr. Bergman is a recipient of several Israeli and International journalism awards. Dr. Bergman also received a PhD with distinction in History and International Relations from Cambridge University

Mr. Meir Brand is a member of Google’s management team for SEEMEA (Southern and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and is Managing Director for Israel, Greece and South Africa. Meir joined Google in September 2005 when he was appointed to set up and lead Google’s operation in Israel as Country Director for Google Israel. Under his leadership, Google Israel grew to become the leading advertising platform in Israel. Since December 2009, he has also led the Greek and South African offices, both of which are currently undergoing substantial growth. To date, the company has almost 350 employees in these three countries in the various business and R&D centers. Meir has a 14 year successful track record as a business and marketing executive with leading global companies such as: Microsoft, Booz Allen & Hamilton and P&G. An experienced internet veteran, Meir joined his first internet company in 1999 as Business Development Manager at Excite@Home. He later moved to ICQ (formerly of AOL Group) as VP of Sales and Marketing. Meir holds an M.B.A. from Harvard University Graduate School of Business (Honors) and a B.A. in Economics from Tel Aviv University (Magna Cum Laude) and speaks English, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The Honorable Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe is a German politician and member of the conservative CDU party. Since the 1998 election, he has been a member of the Bundestag. Studying on a scholarship by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Brauksiepe earned his B.A. diploma in 1990 and his Ph.D. in 1995 from the Ruhr University Bochum. Between 1996 and 1998 he was a research assistant in Bochum.

Dr. Oded Brosh is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. Currently a lecturer at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy of the IDC, Dr. Brosh previously taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Ben-Gurion University. He served as senior analyst at the Prime Minister’s Office. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from the Hebrew University and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard University. His research and teaching focus is on the issues of deterrence, strategy, WMD proliferation, and the Iranian crisis.

Brig. Gen. Itai Brun is currently heading the research division in the Israeli intelligence. Prior to this, he served as head of the Israel Defense Forces’ Center for Interdisciplinary Military Studies. Before assuming that position in September 2006, he served as an analyst in the intelligence community, with special responsibility for political-strategic assessments and methodology. From 2001 to 2004, he headed the Analysis Department of Israeli Air Force Intelligence. In 1995-96, he served as an assistant to the legal adviser in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. He has published various articles on intelligence and air power, gives lectures at conferences on military and security related issues, and contributes articles and essays on topics such as the changing character of war and the role of intelligence in warfare. General Brun is a graduate of the IDF Command and Staff College and he also holds a B.A. degree in law studies from the University of Haifa and an M.A. degree in political science from the University of Tel Aviv. He was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1996.

Dr. Amnon Cavari is a lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. He earned his L.L.B. and M.A. in political science from Hebrew University, and earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Cavari’s primary interest is in American politics with a focus on the presidency, public opinion and political parties.

Dr. Anthony H. Cordesman is the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at CSIS. During his time at CSIS, he has completed a wide variety of studies on energy, U.S. strategy and defense plans, the lessons of modern war, defense programming and budgeting, NATO modernization, Chinese military power, proliferation, counterterrorism, armed nation building, security in the Middle East, and the Afghan and Iraq conflicts. Cordesman has traveled frequently to Afghanistan and Iraq to consult for MNF-I, ISAF, U.S. commands, and U.S. embassies on the wars in those countries, and he was a member of the Strategic Assessment Group that assisted General Stanley McChrystal in developing a new strategy for Afghanistan in 2009. He frequently acts as a consultant to the U.S. State Department, Defense Department, and intelligence community and has worked with U.S. officials on counterterrorism and security areas in a number of Middle East countries.

Amb. Ran Curiel is Deputy Director General for Western Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Previously he served as Israeli Ambassador to Greece, Counselor at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, and as a member of the Israeli Delegation to the UN General Assembly. Ambassador Curiel holds an M.A. in European Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a graduate of the National Security College.

Mr. Henrique Cymerman is a Portuguese Middle East news correspondent and winner of the 2012 Daniel Pearl Award, awarded by the ADL. Mr. Cymerman moved to Israel alone when he was 16 and graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in psychology. Mr. Cymerman holds an M.A. in Political Science and Sociology from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Jonathan Davis is the Vice President for External Relations and Head of the Raphael Recanati International School, IDC Herzliya. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism. He previously served as Director of the Division for Development and Public Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mr. Davis held a number of positions at the Jewish Agency, including the Managing Director of the National Company for Absorption and Immigration and emissary in Cape Town, Boston, and Rome. He received an M.A. in economics from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Dani Dayan is the Former Chairman of the Council of the Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria (YESHA) and currently serves as its Chief Foreign Envoy.  He established Elad Systems, where he served as CEO and Chairman. He continues to invest in high-tech companies and lectures at the Ariel University Center of Samaria. He holds an M.Sc in finance from Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz is a Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Dershowitz, a graduate of Brooklyn College and Yale Law School, joined the Harvard Law School faculty at age 25 after clerking for Judge David Bazelon and Justice Arthur Goldberg. In 1983, the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith presented him with the William O. Douglas First Amendment Award for his "compassionate eloquent leadership and persistent advocacy in the struggle for civil and human rights." In presenting the award, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel said: "If there had been a few people like Alan Dershowitz during the 1930s and 1940s, the history of European Jewry might have been different." Professor Dershowitz has been awarded the honorary doctor of laws degree by Yeshiva University, Brooklyn College, Syracuse University, Tel Aviv University, New York City College, Haifa University and several other institutions of learning. He has also been the recipient of numerous academic awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work on human rights, a fellowship at The Center for The Advanced Study of Behavioral Sciences and several Dean’s Awards for his books.

Mr. Fabrizio Di Michele is a Member of the European External Action Service at the EU Council.

H.E. José Manuel Durão Barroso is the 11th and current President of the European Commission. He served as Prime Minister of Portugal from 2002 until 2004. He has held teaching positions at the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon, in the Department of Political Science of the University of Geneva, and served as visiting professor at the Department of Government and School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. In 1995, he became Head of the International Relations Department of Lusíada University, Lisbon. In 1979, he founded the University Association for European Studies. He served as President of the Social Democratic Party, Vice President of the European People's Party, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Miroslav Dusek is the Director and Head of the Middle East and North Africa, World Economic Forum. Mirek holds a B.A. in Political Science from Charles University in Prague, and concurrently, he obtained an Arabic language certificate at the Kuwait University. He also holds an M.A. in International Studies from the University of Reading in the UK. Formerly, he was Director at the American Information Center of the US Embassy in Prague, where he was responsible for public information programmes. Later on, he was a Public Diplomacy Specialist at the US Embassy in Baghdad, where he managed relations with Iraqi media and worked on a number of education and cultural projects. He joined the Global Leadership Fellows Programme in 2007, focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. Since 2011, he is the head of the region, responsible for the Forum’s MENA summits and as well as for the Arab Business Council, among other engagements. 

Prof. Zvi Eckstein is the Dean of the School of Economics at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya and the former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel. He is a member of the Faculty of the Eitan Berglas School of Economics at Tel Aviv University, and formerly held a position as the Head of the School of Economics. He served as a visiting professor at Yale, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, and Boston University. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Minnesota.

MK Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein is currently the speaker of the Knesset.  Yuli Edelstein was born in 1958 in Chernovitz, Ukraine (part of the former USSR). He studied foreign languages at the Moscow Institute for Teacher Training. A former aliya activist and Hebrew teacher in Moscow and a Prisoner of Zion (1984-1987), he immigrated to Israel in 1987 where he served as Vice President of the Zionist Forum in Israel (1988-1996). In 1990 he graduated from the Jerusalem Fellows Program, and from 1990-93 was a Department Head at the Melitz Center for Zionist Education. In 1993-1994 he served as an advisor to then opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu. He was a founding member of Yisrael ba-Aliya in 1996, and has been a member of Knesset since then, serving as a member of the House Committee, the Committee on the Status of Women, the Committee for Immigration, Absorption, and Diaspora Affairs, the Education and Culture Committee, the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, and the State Control Committee. Yuli Edelstein served as Minister of Immigrant Absorption, and as Deputy Minister of Immigrant Absorption. In March 2009, Edelstein was appointed Minister of Public Affairs and the Diaspora, serving until March 2013, when he was elected Speaker of the Knesset.

Dr. Israel Elad-Altman is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. He has held a number of senior governmental positions both in Israel and abroad. A former lecturer at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Elad-Altman was also a research fellow at its Shiloah Institute for Middle Eastern Studies. He holds a Ph.D. in Islamic studies from the University of California.

Prof. Yuval Elovici is the director of the Telekom Innovation Laboratories at Ben-Gurion University, head of the Cyber Security Labs and a Professor at the Department of Information Systems Engineering of Ben-Gurion University. He holds B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University, and a Ph.D in Information Systems from Tel Aviv University. He served as the head of the Software Engineering program at Ben-Gurion University for two and a half years. Prof. Elovici also professionally consults in the area of cyber security. In the last eight years he has led the cooperation between Ben-Gurion University and Deutsche Telekom. In addition, he has published more than 55 referred journal papers in leading journals, published over 100 papers in various  conferences and co-authored a book on social network security and a book on information leakage detection and prevention. His main research interests are Computer and Network Security, Cyber Security, Web Intelligence, Information Warfare, Social Network Analysis and Machine Learning.

Brig. Gen. Eitan Eshel is head of R&D at the Directorate of Defense R&D, where he managed the R&D and FSD programs in different areas. He previously served as the head of the Electronic and EW systems division, the head of the UAV program, head of Radar branch in the Israel missile defense organization, and in various positions in the detection and identification branch. He did his B.Sc in electronic engineering at Tel Aviv University, and a MBA in business management and technology management at Tel Aviv University.  

Mr. Eran Etzion is head of Policy Planning at MFAMr. Etzion is a career diplomat. He joined the Israeli Foreign Service in 1992 and completed its Cadets Course. He went on to become the Advisor to the Foreign Ministry Director General, a position he held from 1994 to 1996. In that capacity, he was directly involved in numerous peace negotiations and regional economic issues with the Palestinians, Syrians and others. In 1996 he was appointed Israel's Consul to the Pacific Northwest, based in San Francisco. In 2000, he was appointed Chief of Staff of Israel's National Security Council (NSC), a position he held until 2004. In this capacity, he was involved in a wide array of defense, foreign policy, homeland security and domestic policy issues. He was part of the core planning group for the Gaza Disengagement plan, participated in numerous interagency projects, cabinet meetings, strategic dialogues and international negotiations. In 2004 he was appointed Deputy Head of the NSC, in charge of the Foreign Policy Division. In this capacity, Mr. Etzion was responsible for policy planning and policy coordination processes in the Prime Minister's Office on a wide variety of issues. Under Mr. Etzion's leadership, the foreign policy department of the NSC dealt with policy matters regarding the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Turkey and other key Middle Eastern countries. It was also in charge of policy planning vis-a-vis the U.S., the EU, Russia, China and other major international actors. In May 2008, Mr. Etzion was nominated as Head of Policy Planning in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this capacity he has led a first-ever comprehensive "net assessment" of Israel's foreign policy, as well as the formulation of the Ministry's annual strategic goals. Mr. Etzion holds a B.A. (with honors) in Philosophy and Far Eastern studies and an M.B.A..

Prof. Amitai Etzioni served as a Professor of Sociology at Columbia University for 20 years, part of that time as the Chairman of the department. He was a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution in 1978 before serving as a Senior Advisor to the White House on domestic affairs from 1979-1980. In 1980, Etzioni was named the first University Professor at The George Washington University, where he is the Director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies. From 1987-1989, he served as the Thomas Henry Carroll Ford Foundation Professor at the Harvard Business School. Etzioni served as the president of the American Sociological Association in 1994-95, and in 1989-90 was the founding president of the International Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. In 1990, he founded the Communitarian Network, a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to shoring up the moral, social and political foundations of society. He was the editor of The Responsive Community: Rights and Responsibilities, the organization's quarterly journal, from 1991-2004. In 1991, the press began referring to Etzioni as the 'guru' of the communitarian movement. Professor Etzioni received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley.

H.E. Lars Faaborg-Andersen Prior to taking up his position in September 2013 as Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the State of Israel, Ambassador-designate Lars Faaborg-Andersen had a distinguished career, spanning almost thirty years in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  In recent years, a series of appointments also brought him into close contact with Middle East issues, including the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP). From 2000-2003, he headed the Ministry's Middle East and North Africa Department and during the Danish EU Presidency in the 2nd half of 2002, he was the author of the original "Road Map for the MEPP" that was eventually approved by the Quartet on 22.12.02. As Denmark's designated Middle East Envoy, he also worked closely during this period with European Union Special Representative Miguel Moratinos. Middle East issues also appeared regularly on the agenda during his term as Deputy Permanent Representative of Denmark to the United Nations (2003-2008) and, most recently, as Ambassador and Representative of Denmark to the Political and Security Committee (PSC) of the EU in Brussels (2008-2013). Here he was involved in every aspect of EU policy making on the Middle East.

Mr. Moshe Fadlon is Mayor of Herzliya. From 1994 to 2006 Fadlon was the director of city improvement (Shefa) in the Herzliya municipality, and from 2006 to 2013 was director of maintenance, security and logistics. Fadlon earned a B.A. in Political Science, Government and Politics, and an M.A. Public Administration from the University of Haifa.

Amb. Yury Fedotov was appointed as the Russian Federation Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Director-General of the United Nations Office in Vienna (UNOV) on 9 July 2010. He holds the rank of Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations. Prior to his current position, Mr. Fedotov served as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Court of St. James's in London for five years. Mr. Fedotov started his foreign service in 1972 as a member of the U.S.S.R. delegation to the United Nations Disarmament Committee in Geneva. He subsequently took up a number of diplomatic assignments in Moscow, as well as at the Embassies in Algeria and India.

Dr. Karnit Flug is the Governor of the Bank of Israel. Dr. Flug previously served as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel from July 2011, when she was appointed to the post by the Israeli Government. From July 2013 until November 2013, Dr. Flug served as Acting Governor of the Bank of Israel. Dr. Flug received her M.A. (cum laude) in Economics from the Hebrew University in 1980, and her Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University in 1985. Dr. Flug has served on a number of public and government committees, including the Committee on Increasing Competitiveness in the Economy, the Committee for Social and Economic Change ("the Trajtenberg Committee"), the Committee for the Defense Budget ("the Brodet Committee"), and the Committee to Study Raising the Retirement Age for Women.

Abraham H. Foxman is the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) since 1987 and is world-renowned as a leader in the fight against anti-Semitism, bigotry and discrimination. He is the co-author of Viral Hate: Containing Its Spread on the Internet (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) and author of Jews & Money: The Story of a Stereotype (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), The Deadliest Lies: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007) and Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism (HarperSanFrancisco, 2003). In the forefront of major issues of the day, including the rise of global anti-Semitism, the war on terrorism, church/state issues, religious intolerance and issues relating to the Holocaust, he consistently speaks out against hatred and violence wherever they occur. Mr. Foxman regularly confers with elected officials and community leaders here and abroad. He has had consultations in Europe, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, China, Japan, South Africa and Argentina, and with Palestinian leaders, on problems of ethnic hatred, violence, terrorism and promoting democracy. He has had six audiences with Pope John Paul II, four with Pope Benedict XVI, and recently met with the newly installed Pope Francis.

Mr. Gideon Frank has been involved with research and development for the Israel government and the business sectors, management and international nuclear policy and non-proliferation issues. Mr. Frank obtained his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and M.Sc. in Nuclear Sciences from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. After joining the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, he worked at the Research Reactor in Soreq Nuclear Research Center. Since 1990 he served in the Israel Atomic Energy headquarters and later became the Director General of the IAEC. Mr. Frank's international experience includes Scientific Counselor to the Israeli Embassy in Washington representing Israel as head of delegation in international conferences. Mr. Frank is currently the Vice Chair of the Board of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission.

Prof. Jacob A. Frenkel is Chairman of JPMorgan Chase International, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Group of Thirty (G-30), and Former Governor of the Bank of Israel. As the Governor of the Bank of Israel, he is credited with reducing inflation, liberalizing Israel’s financial markets, and integrating the Israeli economy into the global financial system. He was a Vice Chairman of AIG, Chairman of Merrill Lynch International, Inc., Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Prof. Frenkel was a David Rockefeller Professor of international economics at the University of Chicago, where he earned his Ph.D. in economics.

Mr. Roland Freudenstein worked as a research fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations, until he became a member of the foreign and security planning staff of the European Commission in Brussels in the 1990s. Subsequently, he became the director of the Warsaw office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and later held a leading function in the Foundation’s central office in Berlin. After coming back to Brussels in 2004, he represented the German city state of Hamburg to the European Union. He is now, since 2008, Head of Research and Deputy Director of the Brussels-based Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies. He has contributed to debates and published extensively on European integration, international security, German-Polish relations, global democracy support and, recently, about the changes in the Middle East.

Dr. Brendon Friedman is a researcher at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University. His research focuses on Arab-Iranian relations, contemporary political history of the Arabian/Persian Gulf, and political biography.

Mr. Eyal Gabbai was the Director-General of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office from 2009 to 2011. He served as director of the Government Companies Authority and the Israeli branch director of the Australian investment firm Babcock & Brown. Gabbai's public service career began in 1996, after completing his graduate degree in Business Administration, when he was appointed as the advisor to Justice Minister Tzachi Hanegbi. Gabbai served in that capacity until 1998, when he was appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to head the economics division of the Prime Minister's Office. After Netanyahu's loss in the May 1999 elections, Gabbi entered the private market, serving as Vice President of Business Development and International Relations at Bezeq International under CEO Uri Yogev from 1999-2001.

Dr. Boaz Ganor is the Ronald Lauder Chair for Counter-Terrorism, the Deputy Dean of the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Founder and Executive Director of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), and Head of the Terrorism and Homeland Security Studies program at the IDC. He is also the founder and President of the International Academic Counter-Terrorism Community (ICTAC). He is a member of a number of international advisory committees. He served as a consultant on counter-terrorism for the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Defense, the National Security Council, and the Ministry of Transportation. He has published a number of books and holds a Ph.D. in political science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz is the Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces. He held many senior command and staff positions including Deputy Chief of Staff, Defense Attaché to the U.S., Commander of GOC Army Headquarters, Commander of the Northern Command, and Commander of the Judea and Samaria Division. He holds an M.A. in political science from Haifa University and an M.A. in management of national resources from the National Defense University.

Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Gilead is the Director of the Political-Military Affairs Bureau at Israel's Ministry of Defense. He served as the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories. He also served as Director of the Research Branch of the Intelligence Division of the Israel Defense Forces and as the IDF Spokesman.

Dr. Erez Gilad is a Post Doctoral Research Associate and member of the Mathematical Biology Research Group at Royal Holloway, headed by Professor Vincent Jansen. He obtained his B.Sc in Physics in 2001 and his Ph.D in Theoretical Physics in 2006, from Ben-Gurion University, under the supervision of Professor Ehud Meron. In August, 2006 he joined the EPSRC-funded project AMORPH: Amorphous Computing, Random Graphs and Complex Biological Networks. His research interests include the dynamics of epidemic on networks, or more specifically, the dynamical processes of the spread of a disease on different types of networks (e.g. social networks, computer networks) and the effects of the underlying network's topology on the spreading process and the outbreak dynamics of an epidemic. In addition, his research studies how information, which can also spread across the network, can interact with the dynamics of the disease and alter it.

Prof. Galia Golan is the Founder and Head of the M.A. Specialization in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. She specializes in international crises, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and current political issues. She was the Chairperson of the Department of Political Science, the Darwin Professor of Soviet and East European Studies, and the Chairperson of the Lafer Center for Women’s Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was a consultant to the Israel Defense Forces and the Foreign Ministry, and is the author of nine books on international relations and the Middle East. Professor Golan is a member of the editorial boards of the Israel Journal of Foreign Policy, the International Feminist Journal of Politics, and the Journal of Communist and Post-Communist Studies. Professor Golan is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya. She is the recipient of the Israel Political Science Association Award for Lifetime Achievement, and holds a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Mr. Avi Hasson is the Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor. Prior to his appointment, he spent ten years as a partner in the Gemini Venture Capital Fund, where he was responsible for investments in the fields of telecommunications, consumer electronics, and data storage. He spent a decade in leading telecommunication companies, such as ECI Telecom, ECtel, and Tadiran Systems, where he held positions in the field of marketing, business development, and consulting. He received an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University.

Adv. Zvi Hauser is the Former Israeli Cabinet secretary under Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. He served as media adviser to the ministry of communication, and head of the council of ‘Cable and Satellite Broadcasting’. He was a partner at Goldferb-Levi-Eran-Meiri law firm, and served as a director for Dori media group. In the public sphere he was a board member of Namal Tel Aviv, Public Council to memorialize Herzl, and a member of a committee to preserve sites in Israel. Between 2009 and 2013, he served as the Cabinet secretary.  Mr. Hauser received his L.L.B. from Tel Aviv University.

Amb. Liora Herzl is the Deputy Director General for North America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to her current role, she served as an instructor at the INDC-Israel National Defense College, was Ambassador of Israel to Norway, and non-resident Ambassador to Iceland. She has held several positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such as Head of the International Division in the Research Center, Representative of the MFA to the Strategic Division in the IDF Planning Branch, and Director of the Disarmament Department. She also served as the Press and Information Attaché at the Embassy of Israel in The Hague, and as Vice Consul at the Consulate General of Israel in Houston, Texas. She earned her M.A. in political science from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

MK Isaac Herzog is an Israeli politician and lawyer. He studied law at Tel Aviv University and Cornell University. He is currently a member of the Knesset, chairman of the Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition. He has previously served as government secretary, Minister of Welfare & Social Services, Minister of the Diaspora, Society, and the Fight Against Anti-Semitism, Minister of Housing and Building and Minister of Tourism. Herzog is chairman and whip of the Israeli-Australian Parliamentary Association. He is also one of the few Knesset members who still serve in the military reserve (with the rank of Major).

Mr. Michael Herzog is a retired brigadier general in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and is the Israel-based Milton Fine International Fellow of The Washington Institute. Over the last decade, General Herzog has held senior positions in the office of Israel's minister of defense under ministers Ehud Barak, Amir Peretz, Shaul Mofaz, and Binyamin Ben-Eliezer. From September 2006 to October 2009, General Herzog served as chief of staff to Israel's minister of defense. From November 2001 to July 2004, he served as senior military aide to the Israeli minister of defense. In that capacity, he acted as the liaison between the defense minister and the IDF, prime minister's office, intelligence community, and Israeli defense establishment.

Amb. Dr. Hans-Dieter Heumann is a German diplomat and, since 2011, President of the Federal College for Security Studies. He was a local resident Fellow at the Institute for East-West Security Studies in New York. After his return to Germany, he worked in the Department of Arms Control and Disarmament of the Foreign Office, before becoming head of the Press Department of the Embassy in 1991-1994. In 1994 he returned to the Foreign Office, where he was a member of the planning staff and then, from 1997 to 1998, Head of the Parliament and Cabinet Unit (Unit 011). In 1998 he moved to the Ministry of Defense and was Head of Unit for NATO in the Planning Staff of the Federal Ministry of Defense until 2000.

MK Dr. Ronen Hoffman is an Israeli academic and politician who currently serves as a member of the Knesset for Yesh Atid. An expert in crisis management, conflict resolution and anti-terrorism policy, Hoffman founded the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, and served as its CEO between 1996 and 1997. In 1999 he completed his Ph.D. at King's College London, dealing with Syrian-Israeli Peace Negotiations from 1992-1995. He then worked as a senior lecturer at the Institute focusing on governance, diplomacy, international relations and political psychology between 2001 and 2012. Dr. Hoffman has also worked as a policy advisor to the Ministry of Defense.

Mr. Yossie Hollander is the Chairman of the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning. Recently he founded the Our Energy Policy Foundation, an open-source expert discussion of U.S. energy policy under the public eye. A successful serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Hollander has 40 years of experience in and is among the pioneers of the Israeli software industry. He founded New Dimension Software Ltd., and was the Chairman and CEO of the firm. Mr. Hollander now serves on the Executive Board and the Management Committee of the Weizmann Institute of Science, where he launched a renewable energy initiative.

Mr. Ron Huldai is Mayor of Tel Aviv. In 1998, Ron Huldai was elected the ninth Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, the first Modern Hebrew city, founded in 1909.  He was reelected for his fourth consecutive five-year term in 2013. Mr. Huldai served as commander of two of Israel’s largest air force bases and retired from the Israeli Air Force with the rank of Brigadier General. He was the principal of the renowned Gymnasia Herzlyia, among Israel’s most prestigious high schools. Huldai is a distinguished graduate of the United States Air Force’s American Air War College, and holds a B.A. in General Studies from Auburn University of Montgomery.

Dr. Azeem Ibrahim is an expert in strategic policy development and has advised many world leaders in recent years. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge and served as an International Security Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, a World Fellow at Yale and an Adjunct Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute.

Mr. Meir Javedanfar is an Iranian-born Israeli Middle East commentator. He left Iran in 1987, eight years after the Iranian Revolution and now lives in Israel. He worked as a foreign affairs commentator at BBC Persian. With Yossi Melman, he has co-authored The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the State of Iran. Javedanfar speaks Persian, Hebrew, English, Spanish, and Portuguese and currently teaches a course on contemporary Iranian politics at IDC Herzliya.

Mr. Moshe Kahlon is a Former Israeli politician and member of the Likud party. He holds an L.L.B. from Netanya Law College and a B.A. in political science and general studies from Haifa University. Kahlon served as Director of the Scientific Industrial Center (1993-1999) and was the personal representative of the Defense Minister in the Haifa and North Region (1996-1999). He was a public representative in the Haifa Labor Court (1999-2001) and served as Bureau Chief and Senior Advisor to the Minister of Public Security (2000-2002). He has also been a member of the Council and Directorate of the Aguda Lemaan Hachayal, a member of the Council of Maccabi Haifa, Director of Matzila, a community for the prevention of crime (2001-2002), and Chairman of Ethos, a company for Art, Culture and Sport in Haifa (2005-2006). An active lobbyist, he chaired the lobbies for Haifa and nearby towns, for the Israeli Police and Prisons Services, and for closing social gaps. He has also been a member of various lobbies, among them the war against drugs, the environment, and Ethiopian immigrants. In March 2009, Moshe Kahlon was appointed Minister of Communications and later also as Minister of Welfare and Social Services (Jan 2011), serving until March 2013.

Prof. Sergey A. Karaganov is Honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy of Russia. He is also Dean of the School of World Economics and World Politics, National Research University–Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Professor Karaganov has been a member of the Trilateral Commission since 1998, and served on the International Advisory Board of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1995 until 2005. He has also been Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe at the U.S.S.R. (now Russian) Academy of Sciences since 1989. He is known as the progenitor of the Karaganov Doctrine, which states that Moscow should pose as the defender of human rights of ethnic Russians living in the 'near abroad' for the purpose of gaining political influence in these regions.

Mr. Menachem Kidron has served as Director of the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology since January 2012. Kidron, who was born in Germany, holds a B.A. degree in chemical engineering from the Technion in Haifa. His professional career began in 1972 with Rafael, where he worked in engineering and in rocket propulsion system development, eventually becoming administration head and field director of propulsion systems and explosives. He went on to serve as Senior Deputy CEO and as head of Rafael's Manor - Advanced Defense Technologies Division. As part of his professional activity, Kidron spent two years in the United States, at Stanford University and at New York University, where he worked on the development of lightweight structures and on ways of employing coal for energy production. His most recent positions at Rafael were Senior Deputy CEO and Division Director and since 2009 he has headed the Space Systems Administration. In the context of his latter role, Kidron has been responsible for the fiscal management of a NIS 500 million per year enterprise, as well as for unit policy, long-term planning, research and resource management, cultivating the unit's technological infrastructures, marketing, business development and representing the company abroad.

The Honorable Senator Bogdan Klich was the Minister of Defense in Poland. While at his post, Senator Klich ended the military draft and took significant measures towards the modernization of the Polish military. From 2004-2007, he was a member of the European Parliament and an active advocate for the human rights activists in Belarus. While a member of the Polish Parliament (2001-2004), Senator Klich served as the vice-chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs as well as the Committee on National Security. Senator Klich held the post of Deputy Minister of National Security between 1999- 2000 and was responsible for Polish cooperation with NATO as well as the deepened military cooperation with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia and the Ukraine. He founded the prestigious Institute for Strategic Studies in Kraków, which specializes in national security issues and international relations.

MK Dr. Adi Koll is an Israeli social activist and politician who currently serves as a member of the Knesset for Yesh Atid. Koll obtained her L.L.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She later obtained an L.L.M. and a J.S.D. in law at Columbia University. In 2005 she started working as a lecturer at Tel Aviv University, and was also a member of the faculty at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev from 2009 until 2013. She founded the University of the People, which provides free university courses taught by students at Tel Aviv University.

Ms. Inbal Kreis is the head the “Arrow 3” development project at the Malam factory of the Israel Aerospace, managing a large team of developers.

Amb. Dr. Heinrich Kreft is ambassador and director for public diplomacy and dialogue among civilizations in the German Foreign Ministry. Prior to his tenure as ambassador, he served as senior foreign policy advisor to the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag and was a member of the German Council of Foreign Relations. Kreft was stationed for diplomatic terms in both Tokyo and Washington, D.C. and served for many years as part of the Foreign Policy Planning Staff. He has held visiting fellowships at the Henry L. Stimson Center, the Heritage Foundation and the Woodrow Wilson Center. He has published numerous pieces on major political power and economic relations, international security and European, American and Asian political and economic affairs.

Prof. Alan J. Kuperman is a Senior Fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace, in Washington, D.C. and a member of the faculty at the LBJ School, University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining the faculty in 2005, Kuperman was Resident Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Bologna, Italy.  At the LBJ School, he teaches courses in global policy studies, is Coordinator of the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project, and leads a Pentagon-funded project on Constitutional Design and Conflict Management in Africa.  He has published articles and book chapters on ethnic conflict, U.S. military intervention and nuclear proliferation.  He also is the editor of Nuclear Terrorism and Global Security: The Challenge of Phasing out Highly Enriched Uranium, co-editor of Gambling on Humanitarian Intervention: Moral Hazard, Rebellion, and Civil War, and author of The Limits of Humanitarian Intervention: Genocide in Rwanda.  He holds a Ph.D. in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an M.A. in international relations and international economics from SAIS.  In 2009-2010, he was awarded a fellowship at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC.  

Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser is Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs. He was formerly head of the Research and Analysis and Production Division of the IDF Directorate of Israeli Military Intelligence. Kuperwasser holds a B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature from Haifa University and an M.A. in Economics from Tel Aviv University

Mr. Amit Lang is Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Economy. As a young man, he participated in Judo contests eventually competing in the 1992 Olympic Games. He earned his B.A. from the Academic College Tel Aviv Yafo, an M.B.A. from the Academic college of Management, and an M.A. in public policy from Tel Aviv University. In 2007 he became the Deputy of Budget Director at the Ministry of Economy. In 2010 he became the manager of the department of economics, business development, regulation and relationship operators at Partner Communications Company Ltd. until becoming Director General of the Ministry of Economy.

MK Yair Lapid is the Israeli Minister of Finance and chairman of the Yesh Atid Party. Prior to his entry into politics in 2012, he was a journalist, author, TV presenter, writer and news anchor.  The Yesh Atid Party, which he founded, became the second largest party in the current nineteenth Knesset. In September 2013, Mr. Lapid was ranked number 1 on the "The World's 50 Most Influential Jews" list compiled by the Jerusalem Post.

Amb. Itzhak Lebanon served as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for the State of Israel to the Arab Republic of Egypt from 2009-2011. Mr. Lebanon first entered the field of public service in Jerusalem in 1969 as an assistant for Arab Affairs to Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek. He joined the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1972 and served in various positions to the United Nations, Venezuela, Colombia, France and Canada. In 1994 he was a member of the Israeli delegation for the peace talks in Washington D.C. In 1994 he was appointed Consul General of Israel to New England, a position he held until 2002. Upon his return to Israel, Ambassador Lebanon was promoted to the position of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United Nations in Geneva. Subsequently, he became spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Arab World.

Dr. Noam Lemelstrich Latar is the Founding Dean of the Sammy Ofer School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, and Chairman of the Israel Communication Association. He is a member of the Governing Body of the Israeli Press Council. He pioneered the teaching of new media at Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, and Ben-Gurion University, and is one of the founders of the Tel Aviv University School of Journalism. His current research focuses on data mining and the effect of artificial intelligence on the media.

Mr. Amir Levi is Director of the Budgets Department in the Ministry of Finance. He holds a B.A. in economics and political science, and an M.A. in economics, both from the Hebrew University. He served in various positions in the budget department such as deputy director and director to transportation, energy, water and agriculture. Between 2006-2013, he served as the CEO of ‘Shikun Vebinuy Energia Mithadeshet’.

Mr. Ram Levi is founder and current CEO of Konfidas, a cybersecurity and strategy solutions start-up. Specializing in security for cyberspace and space. Mr. Levi serves as Cybersecurity advisor to the National Research and Development Council, Ministry of Science and Technology and Space and is a senior researcher at the Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security, Tel Aviv University. In 2011 he served as Secretary of the Prime Minister's National Cyber Initiative Task Force that spearheaded the government resolution on establishing the National Cyber Directorate. In 2010 he was a co-author of the President of Israel's committee on the Israeli National Space Policy, where he co-authored the national civilian space policy. Mr. Levi is co-founder and former CEO of Excyber Ltd. - a strategic cybersecurity consulting company.

Mr. Moe Levy, is the Executive Director of the Asper Foundation. Moe Levy received his Bachelor of Commerce Hons. and Masters in Business Administration in Finance from the University of Manitoba. He began a career in government and achieved the position of Managing Partner within the Manitoba Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism. He continues to lecture at the Asper School of Business and was also instrumental in creating the Asper Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Management, University of Manitoba. He was made a Fellow of the Asper Centre in 2003. Between 1993 and 1999, Mr. Levy was the CEO and President of The Canadian Heritage Co., one of Canada’s largest retail catalogue companies. In 1999, he was appointed the Executive Director of The Asper Foundation and reported to the late Dr. Israel Asper, and continues to hold this position. He is also a Special Advisor and Board member of the $351 million Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, one of the major projects being spearheaded by The Asper Foundation. He sits on various boards including the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Associates, and the Asper Centre for Entrepreneurship, the Asper Jewish Community Campus among others, and devotes his time to various charitable causes.

Mr. Rami Levy Owner & CEO, Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing. He opened his first store at 1976 of 40 square meters. Today Rami Levy operates a chain of 27 discount supermarkets in Central and Northern Israel employing over 5,000. It also distributes wholesale to 450 stores in and around Jerusalem. The company has diversified into retail clothing sales, real estate, and cellular communications, with 20 stores of Rami Levy Communications selling cellular phone services at a discount. Levy is also a member of the Jerusalem City Council.

Dr. Ariel (Eli) Levite is a nonresident Senior Associate in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Fisher Brothers Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies. He served as the Principal Deputy Director-General for Policy at the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission as well as Deputy National Security Adviser for Defense Policy and Head of the Bureau of International Security and Arms Control in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Levite was a Visiting Fellow and Co-leader of the Discriminate Force Project at the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at Stanford University and a Senior Research Associate and Head of the project on Israeli security at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University. 

Dr. Alon Liel is the Former director general of the Foreign Ministry of Israel and Israel’s ambassador to South Africa Dr. Alon Liel is the former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the Israel-Syria Peace Society, and an International Relations lecturer at Tel Aviv University and the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. Dr. Liel held numerous positions in the Foreign Ministry, including the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, Consul General in Atlanta, Foreign Ministry Spokesman, and Charge D’affairs of Israel in Turkey.

Judge (Emeritus) Micha Lindenstrauss is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He has served as Military District Prosecutor and Legal Advisor of the IDF in Samaria (West Bank) during 1965-1970. In 1970 he was appointed Advisor to Minister Shimon Peres in matters of the territories and rehabilitation of Arab refugees. During 1970-1972 he served as Court Martial presiding judge. In 1972 he was appointed as judge to the Magistrate Court in Haifa and in 1982 to the District Court. In 1995 he was appointed as Vice President of the District Court of Haifa and Head of the Court's Criminal Justice Department. In 1999 Justice Lindenstrauss was appointed as President of the Haifa District Court. He served as Chairman of the Israeli Association of Judges until July 2005. During 2000-2005, he was the Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the Speaker of the Knesset for granting subventions to N.P.Os. He also served as Chairman of the Movement for a Better Israel and of the Israel American Friendship Society. He represented the Israeli Judges in the European Association of Judges and has been active for over twelve years on the Board of Directors of the Justice for the World Foundation. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa. Justice Micha Lindenstrauss was sworn in as State Comptroller and Ombudsman in the Knesset on June 29, 2005, and began his seven-year term on July 4.

Ms. Tallie Lipkin-Shahak is editor and radio anchor at Gali Zahal, serving as chief editor and anchor of the show “security zone.” In 1982 she was appointed to be the head military reporter of “Davarr” newspaper, becoming the first woman in the Israeli newspaper industry to serve in such a position. For seven years Ms. Lipkin-Shahak hosted the television show “The Third Time” in Telad and “Erev Hadash.”  She has been involved in editing documentaries such as “Moments in October,” “Milkud 82,” and “Children Write to Rabin.” Ms. Lipkin-Shahak is also active at the group “women aid” which aides sexually assaulted women.

MK Tzipi Livni is the Israeli Minister of Justice. She is Chair of the Hatnua Party and Former Head of the Opposition in the Knesset. She has held several senior ministerial positions in Israel’s governments, including Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Absorption, and Minister of Construction and Housing. She was Director-General of the Government Companies Authority and served in the Mossad and was awarded a prize for quality government. An attorney by training, she specialized in commercial law, public law, and real estate. She holds an L.L.B. from Bar-Ilan University.

Prof. Edward N. Luttwak is an American military strategist, political scientist, and historian who has published works on military strategy, history, and international relations. He also provides consulting services to governments and international enterprises including various branches of the U.S. government and the U.S. military. He is chairman of the board of Aircraft Purchase Fleet Limited (APFL), and the head of a conservation ranch in the Amazon. He has served as a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Council, the United States Department of State, the United States Navy, United States Army, United States Air Force, and several NATO defense ministries. Working for OSD/Net Assessment, he co-developed the current maneuver-warfare concept, working for TRADOC, he introduced the "operational level of war" concept into U.S. Army doctrine, wrote the first manual for the Joint Special Operations Agency, and co-developed the Rapid-Deployment Force concept (later U.S. Central Command) for the Office of the Secretary of Defense International Security Affairs.

Mr. Uriel Lynn is a lawyer, former civil servant and politician. He is currently president of the Federation of the Israeli Chambers of Commerce and the Tel Aviv and Central Israel Chamber of Commerce. He is also member of the Board of the Eurochambres as well as member of the Council of the World Chambers Federation (WCF).

Ms. Rachel Machtiger is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. She spent nearly 28 years in the Prime Minister’s Office in various research and administrative roles. Her fields of research include the Middle East, Asia, Africa, radical Islam, and anti-Semitism. At the Institute for Policy and Strategy, she is involved in a range of research areas on topics such as radical Islam, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians. She received degrees in political science and national security studies from the University of Haifa.

Mr. Israel Makov chairs Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd., one of the leading pharma companies in India, Given Imaging, BIOLIGHT, and Micromedic & Eltav. He is the former Chairman of Netafim Ltd. and is the former President and CEO of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. He led the company’s global expansion, and, under his leadership, Teva became the undisputed global leader in the generic pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Teva, Mr. Makov led a number of companies in various industries, and founded Israel’s first biotech company, Interpharm, which went public in the U.S. He holds an M.A. in economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Joseph Mann is a lecturer in the department of Middle Eastern Studies at Bar-Ilan University. His research interests include society and economy in the Persian Gulf area, the oil industry in the Middle East, and the renewable energy industry at the European Union.

Dr. Shavit Matias is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and a member of the Jean Perkins Task Force on National Security and Law. Between 2004 and 2013 she was deputy attorney general of Israel in charge of international issues. In that capacity she advised the government on policy and law regarding many international matters. She was a member of Israeli National Security Council teams on a range of national security challenges, international law, Middle East policy, terrorism, and international conflicts. She headed interministerial committees examining and advising on questions of law, policy, and national security and worked with colleagues from around the world in developing international mechanisms and law.

Dr. Erel Margalit is a Member of the Knesset on behalf of the Labor Party and a high-tech and social entrepreneur. Previously, he was the founder and managing partner of the Jerusalem-based venture capital firm Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP). In 2005, Forbes international business magazine selected Margalit as the top-ranking non-American venture capitalist on its prestigious "Midas" (The Golden Touch) List In 2010, The Marker Magazine named him the best venture capitalist in Israel. Margalit is a founder of the Avoda Now movement in 2011 which aimed to rehabilitate the Labour Party following the split by Ehud Barak and the creation of the Haatzmaut Party. In 2013, Margalit was elected to the 19th Knesset as a representative of the Labor party. Margalit currently serves as a member of the prestigious Finance Committee and the Science and Technology Committee. He chairs the Parliamentary Task Forces for Economic Development in the North and the Negev, Cyber Protection and Combating Living Costs in Israel. Ph.D. in Philosophy, Columbia University

Prof. Rafi Melnick is the Provost of the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya and is also a member of the monetary committee of the Bank of Israel. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the IDC. Prof. Melnick also served as the former Dean of the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy at IDC and a professor of economics at the IDC’s Arison School of Business. He served as Deputy Director for Research at the Bank of Israel and lectured at various universities including the Hebrew University, Boston University, and the University of California, Davis. He developed the Melnick Index, a state of the economy index for the Israeli economy, which is regularly published by the IDC. He earned his Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Dan Meridor is an Israeli Politician and member of the Likud party. A lawyer by profession, he practiced law in Jerusalem from 1973-1982. He served as Cabinet Secretary under Prime Ministers Menachem Begin (1982-83) and Yitzhak Shamir (1983-84). In 1984, he was elected to the Knesset.  In the 11th Knesset (1984-88), he was a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. From 1988-92 he served as Minister of Justice and member of the Inner Cabinet.  In June 1996, Dan Meridor was appointed Minister of Finance, a position he held until his resignation in June 1997. In the 15th Knesset, he chaired the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee (until August 2001).  Dan Meridor served as Minister without Portfolio, responsible for national defense and diplomatic strategy in the Prime Minister's Office from August 2001 until February 2003.  Meridor has been a Knesset observer to the Council of Europe and has published articles in academic journals. In February 2009, after a six-year hiatus, he was elected to the 18th Knesset on the Likud list, serving until 2013. In March 2009 Dan Meridor was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy, serving until March 2013.

Prof. Alex Mintz is the Head of the Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS); Chair of the Annual Herzliya Conference Series and Dean of the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya. Professor Mintz is editor-in-chief of the journal, Political Psychology, and editorial board member of the journals American Political Science Review, International Studies Quarterly, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Studies Perspective, Open Political Science Journal, Advances in Political Psychology and the new international journal, Research and Politics. He also served as Associate Editor of the Yale-based Journal of Conflict Resolution (2004-2009) and as editor of the University of Chicago Press book series in Leadership and Decision Making in the International Arena. Prof. Mintz is the 2005 recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award of the Foreign Policy Analysis section of the International Studies Association (ISA) for distinguished contributions to the field, and the 1993 recipient of the Karl Deutsch Award of the ISA for the most important contribution of any scholar in the world under age of forty to the scientific study of International Relations. Mintz is the author of the widely read book, Understanding Foreign Policy Decision Making (with Karl DeRouen, Cambridge University Press, 2010) as well as 9 other books and edited volumes. He has published in such top journals as the American Political Science Review (1988, 1989, 1990, 1997), American Journal of Political Science (1988 and 1991), International Studies Quarterly (2011), American Journal of Sociology (1986), Political Psychology (2009), Policy Studies Journal (2012) and the Journal of Conflict Resolution (1985, 1987, 1993a, 1993b, 1997, 2004a, 2004b, 2006). Mintz served as President of the Foreign Policy Analysis section of the ISA and, together with five Nobel Laureates, is on the board of the Center for Conflict Management and Prevention in Sydney, Australia. 

Prof. Shaul Mishal is Director of the Middle East Program, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, IDC-Herzliya, and Israel & Brian Mulroney Professor of Government at Tel Aviv University. Professor Mishal is Chairman and Founder of Etrog Strategies for M.E. Risk Analysis. He serves as senior advisor to the Department of Political Planning at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Defense and as a consultant to international and regional private and public institutions. Professor Mishal founded and directed the Center for Israeli Arab Studies and has authored and co-authored five books and numerous articles in subjects related to Arab and Islamic political cultures and Palestinian politics. He is a visiting Professor at Yale University, visiting Scholar at the Center for International Affairs at Harvard and Senior Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health. Professor Mishal received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed post-Doctoral studies at Yale University.

Prof. Omer Moav is a professor of economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Warwick, as well as at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and spent a year at MIT as a post-doc fellow. In 2012, Moav was awarded the Landau prize from the Israeli Mifal Hapais (Award sponsored by the National Lottery) for his achievements in research in macroeconomics. He was awarded the Rector’s prize from the Hebrew University in 2006 for his research and teaching, and served as the head of the advisory board to the Israeli minister of finance in 2009. Moav’s research focuses on economic growth and development and is published in the leading journals of economics. He often comments in the Israeli and international media on the Israeli economy.

MK Lt. Gen. (res.) Shaul Mofaz is an Israeli politician and member of the Kadima party. Mofaz became the 16th IDF's Chief of the General Staff, and served as Israel's Minister of Defense, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transportation and Road Safety. Mofaz served in a series of senior military posts, having been promoted to the rank of Brigadier General (1988). In 1993 he was made commander of the IDF forces in the West Bank. In 1994, he was promoted to Major General, commanding the Southern Corps. His rapid rise continued; in 1997 Mofaz was appointed Deputy Chief of the General Staff and in 1998 he was appointed Chief of the General Staff.

Dr. Amit Mor is an energy and environment economist. He is CEO of Eco Energy Ltd., an Israeli based economic and financial consulting and investment firm that specializes in the energy, environmental, and infrastructure sectors. He earned his Ph.D. in Energy, Environmental and Mineral Economics at Pennsylvania State University (1996). The topic of his dissertation was “Natural Gas Projects in the Developing World: an Empirical Evaluation of Merits, Obstacles and Risks.” He received his M.A. and B.A. in Economics, Finance and Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mr. Yanki Margalit is an Israeli entrepreneur and speaker and is the founder of Aladdin Knowledge Systems. He is currently Chairman of SpaceIL, a non-profit space technology organization competing for the Google Lunar X Prize, Scoreoid and SCREEMO. He is also a partner in Innodo, a seed investment fund. Margalit is on the boards of Idealist.org, Latet, College4all.org, Meet.mit.edu, Adama.org.il and SpaceIL.com.

Ms. Mazal Mualem is a columnist for Al-Monitor's Israel Pulse, specializing in Israeli politics and social issues. From 2003 until 2011 she served as the senior political correspondent of the Israeli daily, Haaretz. Later she joined Israeli daily Maariv as their senior political correspondent and wrote a weekly political column. In addition to her writing, she presents a weekly TV show covering social issues on the Knesset channel.

Prof. David Nachmias is the Head of the Specialization in Policy and Public Administration, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya. In addition, he serves as Head of the "New Government Project to Israel." Professor Nachmias is considered as one of the leading scholars in public policy and government studies. In 1967, he finished his undergraduate studies at Tel Aviv University. In 1969 he received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Oregon. In 1994 he won the prestigious Donald Campbell Award for "Methodological Innovations in Policy Studies," and in 2010 he was awarded the Lifetime Signal from the Israeli Association of Political Science. Professor Nachmias was among the founders of the Department of Public Policy at Tel Aviv University, and has taught and researched at the University of Kentucky, Harvard, Wisconsin, and Washington St. Louis. He has served as a professional adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office and in the Ministry of Education, as well as Knesset committees, the office of the state comptroller and the center of local government. In 2003, he developed the "Israeli Democracy Index" at the Israel Democracy Institute. In 2010 he initiated the annual conference of local government in Israel.

Prof. Alireza Nader is a senior international policy analyst at the RAND Corporation, a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and author of Iran after the Bomb (2013). His research has focused on Iran's political dynamics, elite decisionmaking, and Iranian foreign policy. His other RAND publications include Israel and Iran: A Dangerous Rivalry; The Next Supreme Leader: Succession in the Islamic Republic of Iran; Saudi-Iranian Relations Since the Fall of Saddam: Rivalry, Cooperation, and Implications for U.S. Policy; The Rise of the Pasdaran: Assessing the Domestic Roles of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps; and Mullahs, Guards, and Bonyads: An Exploration of Iranian Leadership Dynamics. His commentaries and articles have appeared in a variety of publications and he is widely cited by the U.S. and international media. Prior to joining RAND, Nader served as a research analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses. He is a native speaker of Farsi. Nader received his M.A. in international affairs from The George Washington University.

Mr. Avi Naor served as President & CEO of Amdocs from 1995 to 2002. Since his resignation, he has devoted his time to social and community activities. In 1997, following the tragic death of his son, Ran, in a road accident, Avi Naor established the Or Yarok association for safer driving in Israel. Today, Or Yarok is a leading advocate of road safety in Israel. Through the Ran Naor Foundation, Or Yarok also supports research in this field, as well as educational projects in academic institutions.

Amb. Dr. Michael B. Oren was formerly Israeli Ambassador to the United States. He currently holds the Aba Evan chair for diplomacy in IDC. He has received fellowships from the U.S. Departments of State and Defense, and from the British and Canadian governments. Formerly, he was the Lady Davis Fellow of Hebrew University, a Moshe Dayan Fellow at Tel Aviv University, and a Distinguished Fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem. He has also served as a visiting professor at Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown. Ambassador Oren is an accomplished author, and an avid historian. His two most recent books, Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East and Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present, were both New York Times bestsellers. He has won the Los Angeles Times' History Book of the Year prize, a National Council of the Humanities Award, and the National Jewish Book Award. He has also written extensively for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The New Republic, where he was a contributing editor.

Ms. Tzipi Ozer-Armon is CEO of Lumenis, having joined the company in May 2012.  Prior to joining Lumenis, Ms. Ozer-Armon headed the Japanese market activities of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., a business of over $800M.  Previously, Ms. Ozer-Armon served as Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at SanDisk with multi-billion dollars sales responsibility, VP General Manager of MSystems, and VP of Corporate Development at Comverse. Ms. Ozer-Armon’s impressive career includes four years at ATKearney, a Global Management Consulting company based in London, UK.  Ms. Ozer-Armnon holds a B.A. magna cum laude in Economics from Tel Aviv University and an M.B.A. majoring in Finance and Marketing.

Dr. Deganit Paikowsky is a research fellow and academic projects director at the Tel Aviv Workshop for Science Technology and Security of the Harold Hartog School of Government and Policy. Deganit's fields of interest are space policy, international relations and strategic studies. Deganit completed her M.A. Degree in international relations with distinction (magna cum laude) from Tel Aviv University’s Political Science Department. Her research thesis focused on the impact of space technologies on warfare and force build-up in the U.S. military and the IDF. These days, she is completing her Ph.D. in Political Science at Tel Aviv University. Her research suggests an interdisciplinary approach to examine states’ motivations and policies to embark on large scale national projects by using a model of clubs of states. In 2006, Deganit was a visiting scholar at the George Washington University Space Policy Institute. In 2008, Deganit was a Pre-Doc Guggenheim Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution Air and Space Museum. Deganit published several papers in academic journals and presented her work in International conferences.

Prof. David Passig is a futurist, lecturer and consultant who specialize in technological, social and educational futures. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Future Studies from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He is a faculty member at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, where he teaches Systems Theories, Future Methodologies, Technological, Social and Educational Future at the Graduate School of Education.  He heads the Graduate Program in Information & Communication Technologies as well as the Virtual Reality Lab. Prof. Passig has published a book about the future of Israel: The Future Code - Israel's Future-Test. The book was on the best seller list in Israel. The book has 5 parts: An introduction to the field of Futures Thinking and four parts consisting of 16 predictions regarding the future of Israel. These are divided into four categories: economic trends, social trends, national security trends and national identity trends.

H.E. Shimon Peres is the President of the State of Israel. Peres served as a Member of Knesset for 48 years, the longest term of service in the history of the Israeli Knesset. He served as Minister in 12 cabinets and served twice as Prime Minister (1984-1986, 1995-1996), Deputy Minister of Defense under Ben Gurion (1959-1965), Treasury Minister (1988-1990), Minister of Defense (1974-1977, 1995-1996), and Foreign Minister (1986-1988, 2001-2002). In 1994, Peres received the Nobel Peace Prize together with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat “for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East.”

Mr. Sami Peretz is Editor of TheMarker Daily. Sami Peretz received his B.A. in business from the College of Management, and his M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University. He was vice editor of the economic section of Haaretz, and a reporter on financial issues and banks. In 2005, Mr. Peretz became the editor of the print version of Haaretz, and recently in 2013 he became editor of the news outlet, which he merged into a single entity.

Mr. David (Dadi) Perlmutter was, until 2014, executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Group (IAG) and chief product officer of Intel Corporation. During this period, Mr. Perlmutter was responsible for the business and development of Intel's platform solutions for all computing and communication segments including datacenters, desktops, laptops, handhelds, embedded devices, and computer electronics. Prior to that period, Mr. Perlmutter served at the Intel Corporation for 29 years, during which he held various management positions and was instrumental in developing several major products at Intel. Since April 2014, Mr. Perlmutter has served as a board member of several private technology companies, including Strato Scale Ltd., OptimaTest Ltd. and Kili Technology Corporation. He also currently chairs two nonprofit organizations, The Israel Innovation Institute, and Mishelanu-Strengthening Jewish and Israeli Identity of 2nd Generation Israelis in the U.S., and has been a member of the Board of Governors of Technion, Israel Institute of Technology since January 2005.

Ms. Esti Peshin is Director of Cyber Programs at Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. She also serves as the Director General (pro bono) of the Israeli Hi-Tech Caucus at the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. Prior to assuming these roles, Ms. Peshin was the Managing Partner of ENP Solutions Ltd., Partner at Destino Ventures LLC and a Partner at Hope Ventures Ltd. Previously, Ms. Peshin was the CEO of Waterfall Security Solutions, a provider of a foolproof physical security gateway for homeland security and mission-critical installations. Before joining Waterfall, she held an Account Director position in the Lawful Interception division of Verint Systems, Inc. She served 11 years in the Israeli Defense Forces, in an elite technology unit, where she was Deputy Director.

Mr. Sever Plotzker is Chief Economic Commentator of Yedioth Ahronoth. He was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Brookings Institute in Washington, DC, and was named one of the “Media Leaders” at the World Economic Forum. He is the first recipient of the “Excellence and Professionalism in Journalism” Award from Tel Aviv University, and the “Lifetime Achievement in Journalism” Award from the Journalists’ Association and Ben-Gurion University. He holds an M.A. in Economics and Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mr. Yuval Rabin, until his recent return to Israel, was a managing partner at the Washington based RSLB, (Rabin, Sheves, Lipkin-Shahak, and Birger), the first non-Americans to lobby the US administration on behalf of foreign countries. Prior to RSLB, Yuval has held senior executive positions serving companies as diverse as AARP, The Principal Group, Visteon, Ericsson, Airbus Industries, Nokia, ARKLA (Arkansas Louisiana Gas), Samsung and the American Bureau of Shipping. Yuval truly espouses a global vision, having led initiatives for manufacturing and service companies, utilities and governments in the US, Israel, Europe and the Far East. Yuval is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, having achieved the rank of major during his eight years of service. Yuval brings on board deep business experience with governments, state and federal processes, and a remarkably extensive network and contacts around the globe, including Africa, Arab countries, and Eastern European countries

Mr. Amir Rapoport is founder and Editor in Chief of Israel Defense Magazine - an international magazine on Israeli military and defense affairs. He is a former military correspondent and commentator, an author and research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) of Bar-Ilan University.

Mr. Barak Ravid is the diplomatic correspondent for Haaretz newspaper. He covers the Prime Minister's Office, the Foreign Ministry, and the Ministry of Defense, and deals with issues such as U.S.-Israeli relations, EU-Israeli relations, and the peace process. Before joining Haaretz, he worked for the Maariv daily newspaper, spending a year covering the Palestinian Authority and a year as a diplomatic correspondent. He has a B.A. in Middle East history from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Raviv Raz is CEO of Hybrid Security. Prior to founding Hybrid Security Mr. Raz served as Technical Director at a Web Application Firewall vendor. Raz is a world renowned expert in Web Application Security. He has been invited to lecture around the globe, train technical personnel and consult on web security issues. Raz has been engaged in penetration testing and security software development for over 12 years. He has been consulting government, military, telecommunication, financial and high-tech corporations. In the past, Raz was a course lecturer at the Technion - Israel's number one engineering school. Raz was IT security consulting team manager at NESS Technology at the age of 26. At the age of 23, Raz founded an information security start-up, funded by the state of Israel and registered a patent in the field of network security and artificial intelligence.

Prof. Uriel Reichman is the Founder and President of the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. Before establishing the IDC, he was Dean of the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. Additionally, he founded and served as Dean of Ramot Mishpat College. He chaired the Constitution for Israel Movement, and was the Head of the Human Rights Committee of Israel’s Bar Association. An expert in the field of property law, he earned both his L.L.B. and L.L.M. from the Hebrew University and his J.S.D. from the University of Chicago.

Mr. Shai Reshef is an Israeli businessman and educational entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of University of the People - a non-profit, tuition-free, online academic institution dedicated to the democratization of higher education.

Baroness Ariane de Rothschild is currently the vice chairwoman of Edmond de Rothschild Holding, which supervises the financial activities of the Edmond de Rothschild Group worldwide. She also manages the portfolio of the Edmond de Rothschild Holding Pregny, including wines, hotel resorts and agro-business. She gained solid experience in finance and banking over the last twenty years. She first began her career with Société Générale in Australia and in New York. She then joined U.S. insurance corporation AIG to develop the group’s trading operations in Europe. She completed business studies in Paris followed by an MBA from Pace University in New York.

Maj. Gen. (res.) Danny Rothschild is the Former Director of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya and Chairman of the Institute’s Herzliya Conference Series. For more than 30 years, General Rothschild held senior command and staff positions in the Israel Defense Forces, his last post being Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories. In this position, he played a central role in the negotiation processes that led to the peace agreements with Jordan and with the Palestinians. Prior to that, he served as Chief of the Military Intelligence’s Research and Analysis, Commander of the IDF Liaison Unit in Lebanon, and Assistant to the Chief of General Staff. Upon resigning his commission, he co-founded a global security consultancy firm NETACS and assumed several public positions. A former member of the Bank of Israel’s Advisory Board and a former president of the Council for Peace and Security, he currently chairs the Board of Trustees of the Afeka School of Engineering.

Prof. Amnon Rubinstein is a Professor of Law and member of the senior staff of Radzyner School of Law at IDC Herzliya. He received his Ph.D. in Law from The London School of Economics. In past years, he taught as a Professor of Law at Tel Aviv University, later serving as faculty dean. In 2006, he won the Israel Prize for Law. Prof. Rubinstein served as Education Minister during Yitzhak Rabin’s second term in office as well as Shimon Peres’s term. His specializations are Constitutional Law, Multi-Culturalism, Education and Human Rights.

Dr. Alisa Rubin Peled, Academic Director, Argov Fellows Program in Leadership and Diplomacy, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, IDC Herzliya and Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution, Saban Center for Middle East Policy


MK Gideon Saar is an Israeli politician who currently serves as the Cabinet secretary, Coalition chairman, member of the Knesset for Likud, and Minister of the Interior. Prior to this he served as Education Minister. He worked as an aide to the Attorney General between 1995 and 1997, and then as an aide to the State Attorney until 1998. Before entering politics, he worked in media and was one of the founders of the Channel 2 News Company.  He received his L.L.B. and B.A. with Distinction in Political Science from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Ali Salam is the mayor of Nazareth and the head of “Nazareth Shely” party. He previously served as deputy mayor of Nazareth from 1998 until winning re-election in 2014.

Dr. Gary Samore is Executive Director for Research at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  Prior to his current position, he served for four years as President Obama’s White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), including as U.S. Sherpa for the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC and the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, Korea.  As WMD Coordinator, he served as the principal advisor to the President on all matters relating to arms control and the prevention of weapons of mass destruction proliferation and WMD terrorism, and coordinated United States government activities, initiatives, and programs to prevent proliferation and WMD terrorism and promote international arms control efforts.

Mr. Udi Segal is a senior Israeli Diplomatic correspondent of Channel 2 News. Previously, he worked as the settlements’ correspondent of Israel’s Gali Zahal Radio. He focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the US-Israel relations regarding that matter. Considered a senior interviewer, Segal interviewed high-profile diplomats and political leaders. Segal teaches communication at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

Dr. Nabil Shaath is a senior Palestinian official. He has held the positions of Palestinian chief negotiator; Palestinian cabinet minister; Palestinian International Co-operation Minister; Planning Minister for the Palestinian National Authority; and Acting Prime Minister of the PNA.

Prof. Ron Shachar is Dean of the Arison School of Business and holds a Ph.D. in economics from Tel Aviv University. After a post-doc period in Harvard University, he joined Yale School of Management. In 1997 he returned to Israel and, until recently, he was the head of the marketing area in Tel Aviv University (where he also won the best professor award). Since 2006 he is also a visiting professor in Duke University. Professor Shachar's research deals with major advertising and branding issues and also explores strategic and marketing related aspects in the entertainment industries (e.g. TV and movies) and in political campaigns. His work has been published in leading journals in various fields (marketing, economics and political science) and some of them have received attention from the popular news media (e.g. Wall Street Journal and Fox News). Professor Shachar serves as an associate editor in two leading journals and on the editorial board of other leading journals.

Amb. Daniel B. Shapiro is the United States Ambassador to Israel. He previously served as senior director for the Middle East and North Africa on the national security staff at the White House. Ambassador Shapiro spent much of his career working in senior positions in the United States Congress, with a focus on Middle East policy. Ambassador Shapiro has contributed to numerous Congressional efforts supporting negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, increasing U.S. security assistance to Israel, and strengthening sanctions and other measures against Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. He received an M.A. degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University with a focus on modern Middle Eastern history.

Mr. Shabtai Shavit was the director of the Mossad, Israel's Intelligence Services, from 1989 to 1996. Mr. Shavit held a variety of positions within the Mossad for over 32 years, until becoming head of the agency in 1989. He served in "Sayeret Matkal" - Israel's Elite Force, and received an advanced degree from Harvard University. After retiring from work in the security services, Shavit became the CEO of Maccabi Health Services Group for five years. Since 2001 Shavit has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Institute for Counter Terrorism, Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Advisor to the Israeli National Security Council, Advisor to the Sub-Committee on intelligence of the Knesset, Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Security, and a member of the N.Y.F.D. Task Force for Future Preparedness against Terrorism. He is also Chairman of Athena Human & Technology Integrated Solutions Ltd.

Mr. Ari Shavit is a leading Israeli columnist and writer. He studied philosophy at the Hebrew University in Jersualem. In the 1980s he wrote for the progressive weekly Koteret Rashit, in the early 1990s he was chairperson of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and in 1995 he joined Haaretz, where he serves on the editorial board. Shavit is also a leading commentator on Israeli public television. He recently wrote the book ‘My Promised Land.’

Dr.  Colonel (Res.) Shaul Shay is Director of Research at the Institute for Policy and Strategy. Dr. Shaul Shay served 27 years in the IDF as a paratrooper officer and in the Military Intelligence. In the years 2000 – 2007 he was the head of the IDF Military History Department. In the years 2007-2009 he was the deputy head of the National Security Council (NSC) of Israel. Dr. Shay holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Bar-Ilan University and is a lecturer in The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. Dr. Shay is one of the leading experts of Middle Eastern studies, local and international terrorism and military history. Dr. Shay is the author and the editor of 17 books, 9 of them were published in the U.S.A. and U.K.

Dr. Khalil Shikaki is a Professor of Political Science and director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (Ramallah, Palestine). Since 2005 he has been a senior fellow at the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University in 1985, and taught at several Palestinian and American universities. Between 1996-99, Dr. Shikaki served as Dean of Scientific Research at al Najah University in Nablus. He spent summer 2002 as a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC. Since 1993, Dr. Shikaki has conducted more than 200 polls among Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and, since 2000, dozens of joint polls among Palestinians and Israelis.

Dr. Jennifer Shkabatur is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and a visiting fellow at the Program on Science, Technology & Society at Harvard Kennedy School. In 2010-11, she served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Boston University School of Law, teaching Internet Law. She earned an L.L.M. from Harvard Law School in 2007, and an M.A. in Political Science, and L.L.B. from Tel Aviv University. Before her studies at Harvard, she clerked at the Supreme Court of Israel. Her research examines the effects of information technologies on transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in various regulatory bodies, such as local governments, administrative agencies, and international organizations. She authored several articles in the field, discussing emerging national and international practices, including online participatory budgeting, urban planning, policy consultations, collaborative monitoring of international regimes, and online freedom of information policies. As part of her research, Jennifer has conducted field studies of online platforms in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

MK Itzik Shmuli is an Israeli politician who was elected as a Labor Party member of the Knesset in the 2013 general election. He is a former leader of the National Union of Israeli Students, and one of the leaders of the Israeli Social Justice movement.

Amb. Zalman Shoval is the chairman of the Friends of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, and a member of the board of directors of the Institute. Currently serving as the chairman of the board of directors of the Yetzu Investment Company, he has been active in banking, finance, and industry for many years. He served twice as Israel’s ambassador to the United States, and served in the Knesset for over a decade. He participated in the 1978 Camp David Peace Talks, the 1991 Madrid Peace Talks, and in the 1998 Wye Plantation Conference. He is also the author of numerous articles on politics, history, and economics in the Israeli and international press. He holds an MA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Geneva.

Dr. Boaz Schwartz is the managing director at Deutsche Bank, heading Deutsche Bank’s diverse range of activities in Israel. Dr. Schwartz joined Deutsche Bank in 1997 to establish the corporate finance practice in Israel and has over 17 years’ experience as an investment banker in Israel and the US. His experience at Deutsche Bank over the last years includes capital raising, M&A, financing advisory, tax enhanced financing, and general corporate advisory. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Dr. Schwartz headed a private Israeli investment-banking firm representing Smith Barney in Israel. He holds a PhD. in Finance from University of Chicago.

Adv. Naama Sikoler is an Israeli journalist and lawyer. She is Head of the News Desk of the Israeli economic newspaper Calcalist. Previously, she worked as a senior journalist at the same news desk, focusing on finance and industry. Before that, she worked for the Israeli news website YNET.

Dr. Ludwig Spaenle is a German politician of the Christian Social Union in Bavari. Since 2013, he has served as the Bavarian State Minister of Education and Culture, Science and Art. He has also served as the Bavarian Minister of Education and Culture and as President of the Standing Conference. After graduating from the humanistic Wilhelmsgymnasium Munich, Spaenle studied history and Catholic theology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. In 1986, he graduated with an M.A. and later went on to work towards his Ph.D. He was a fellow of the study and promotion of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

Dr. Matthew Spence was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy in February 2012. He is the principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense and Under Secretary of Defense for Policy on international security strategy and policy for the Middle East, and for oversight of security cooperation programs, including Foreign Military Sales, in the region. Prior to joining the Defense Department, Dr. Spence served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council.  From 2009-2011, he was Senior Advisor to the National Security Advisor at the White House.  He also served on President-elect Obama’s National Security Council transition team.

The Honorable James B. Steinberg is Dean of the Maxwell School, Syracuse University and University Professor of Social Science, International Affairs and Law.  In 2011, he served as Deputy Secretary of State, serving as the principal Deputy to Secretary Clinton.  From 2005-2008 Steinberg was Dean of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.  From 2001 to 2005, Steinberg was vice president and director of Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, where he supervised a wide-ranging research program on U.S. foreign policy.  Steinberg served as deputy national security advisor to President Clinton from 1996 to 2000.  During that period he also served as the president’s personal representative to the 1998 and 1999 G-8 summits.

Mr. Tommy Steiner is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya and Manager of the Herzliya Conference series. He previously served as the Executive Director of the Atlantic Forum of Israel. As part of his work at the Institute, he heads research programs that focus on Israeli foreign policy, as well as EU-Israel and NATO-Israel relations. He teaches International Relations, Government, and Security Studies at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy at the IDC. His fields of expertise include international security, transatlantic relations, international relations theory, and regionalism in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. The Davis Institute for International Relations at the Hebrew University awarded him the Harkabi Prize, and he holds an M.A. in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Tal Steinherz served in various R&D positions within the security forces for almost twenty years, leading significant development teams that specialized in communication and cyber security. Dr. Tal Steinherz graduated from the IDF's elite Talpiot program and received his Ph.D. in computer science from Tel-Aviv University.

MK Dr. Yuval Steinitz is the Israeli Minister of Finance. He is a member of Knesset representing the Likud Party, and was formerly chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee and the Subcommittee on Intelligence and Secret Services, as well as the Joint Security Committee with the U.S. Congress. He taught philosophy at the University of Haifa and has published four books on philosophy in Israel and abroad. He received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Avner Stepak is Managing Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer at The Meitav Group. He served as the Co-Chief Executive Officer at Meitav Investment House Ltd and has over 13 years of experience in the Israeli capital market. Previously, Mr. Stepak served as Vice President of Business Development at the firm and Director of Corporate Strategy at Meitav Investment & Brokerage House. He has been involved in the activities of Meitav since an early age and develops new financial products and services and manages the technology and public equity portfolios for Meitav. Mr. Stepak also has served as Managing Director at MayTree Ventures. He is a columnist for The Marker and a regular capital markets commentator for Israel's national radio. Mr. Stepak holds an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University through the Kellogg-Recanati International Executive Program

Mr. Dror Strum is president of the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning. He is an expert in economic regulation and regularly provides testimony on this subject before courts and governments. He lectures at the Hebrew University and at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya on regulation, antitrust law, and corporate law. He previously served as both director-general of, and legal advisor to, the Antitrust Authority, and was a partner in the law firm of Haim Zadok and Partners. He holds an L.L.B. from Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Wang Suolao is associate Professor and Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the School of International Studies, Peking University. He is one of China’s leading scholars on China’s foreign relations with the Middle East and North Africa. Wang received a B.A. in history from Northwestern University in 1985, an M.A. in Afro-Asian history from Peking University in 1989, and a Ph.D. in international politics from Peking University in 2000. He has been a faculty member of Peking University since 1989, and he went to pursue further studies in Faculty of Arts and Faculty of the Dar El-Ulum in Egypt’s Cairo University (1992–1994). Wang also conducted research as a visiting scholar in the Department of Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies in the Faculty of the Humanities at Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2001–2002) and in the Department of Public Administration in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Leiden University of the Netherlands (2007–2008).

Prof. Yair Tauman was the Dean of the Arison School of Business at the IDC, Herzliya and is a leading professor of Economics and the director of the Center for Game Theory in Economics at the state University of New York at Stony Brook. His areas of research interest include game theory and its application to economics, economic theory, industrial organization (especially in patent licensing, auctions, cost allocation methods pricing and industrial espionage), terrorism and counter terrorism. He has published, among others, in Econometrica, Journal of Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behavior, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Rand Journal of Economics, Mathematics of Operation Research and The Israel Journal of Mathematics. He obtained his B.Sc degree in Mathematics and Statistics (with distinction), his M.Sc in Mathematics (with distinction) and his Ph.D in Mathematics. He earned all three degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mr. Jan Techau is Director of Carnegie Europe, the European think tank of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Techau works on EU integration and foreign policy, transatlantic affairs, and German foreign and security policy. Before joining Carnegie in March 2011, Techau served in the NATO Defense College’s Research Division from February 2010 until February 2011. He was director of the Alfred von Oppenheim Center for European Policy Studies at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin between 2006 and 2010, and from 2001 to 2006 he served at the German Ministry of Defense’s Press and Information Department. Techau is an associate scholar at the Center for European Policy Analysis and an associate fellow at both the German Council on Foreign Relations and the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies. He is a regular contributor to German and international news media and writes a weekly column for Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe blog.

Dr. Bruno Tertrais is a senior research fellow at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS). He is also a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), a member of the Global Agenda Councils of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and member of the editorial board of the journals Survival and The Washington Quarterly. Between 1990 and 1993, he was Director of the Civilian Affairs Committee to Assembly of NATO, and from 1993 to 2001 he was special assistant to the Director of Strategic Affairs of the French Ministry of Defense.

Dr. Efrat Tolkowsky has been the Chief Executive Officer of Gazit-Globe Real Estate Institute at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel since 2011. Dr. Tolkowsky has been a Director of Babylon Ltd., since July 2007. He serves as an External Director of Bank of Jerusalem Ltd. Dr. Tolkowsky served as an Academic Director of Gazit-Globe Real Estate Institute at Tel Aviv University from 2004 to 2011. Dr. Tolkowsky holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Barry Topf is a member of the Bank of Israel's Monetary Committee, and serves as Senior Advisor to the Governor. He has been a member of the Bank's management since 2002. Until 2008, he served as Director of the Foreign Currency Department, and between 2008 and 2011 he served as Director of the Market Operations Department. In those roles, he was responsible for, among other things, management of the country's foreign exchange reserves and implementation of monetary and exchange rate policy. Mr. Topf has around thirty years of experience in economics, finance, and markets—including activity at all levels of investment management, macroeconomic policy, financial stability, and project management—as well as considerable experience as an advisor and lecturer, including serving as special advisor on behalf of international organizations to over 20 countries and central banks. He was written numerous articles and has been a member of several public committees on economic issues. Mr. Topf earned his M.B.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg is Chair of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education in Israel. He is a professor of economics at Tel Aviv University and served as the first chair of the National Council of Economics. Following the 2011 Social Justice Protests in Israel, Trajtenberg was appointed to head a committee to examine and recommend social and economic reforms. Professor Trajtenberg obtained both his B.A. and M.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his Ph.D. from Harvard.

Prof. Daniel Tsiddon is a member of executive management, deputy CEO, and head of capital markets division at Bank Leumi. His former positions in the Bank include executive vice president, and head of strategy and international business development. Prof. Tsiddon was also the consultant to the head of the Ministry of Justice. He is an associate professor at the Berglas School, Tel Aviv University, and a Member of a number of public committees. He was an International Trade fellow and a President's Fellow at Columbia University, and is a winner of the Ga'athon Prize for applied research on the Israeli economy.

Mr. Shalom Turgeman is Diplomatic adviser to former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He is a lecturer at the IDC, and senior adviser at EOC. He earned his B.A in Political Science and Middle East and Islam Studies from the Hebrew University and received his Executive M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Netanel Touitou is Deputy Mayor of Nazareth-Illit. He is an IDC graduate, and a graduate of the 'Rothschild Ambassadors' organization of the Caesarea foundation.

Prof. Mina Tzemach is an Israeli statistician, former Director of the Dahaf Institute, and current partner at the Midgam Institute. She has a B.A. in sociology and statistics, an M.A. in Psychology from the Hebrew University, and a Ph.D. in social psychology and mathematical models in psychology from Yale.  She has co-authored books on surveys and on summarizing comparative studies. Professor Tzemach is also a lecturer at the IDC Sami Ofer School of Communication, and co-hosts the television show, “Shoverim Kelim” on the Knesset channel.

Dr. Yossi Vardi is an Israeli entrepreneur and investor. He is one of Israel's first high-tech entrepreneurs. For over 40 years he has founded and helped to build over 60 high-tech companies in a variety of fields, among them software, energy, Internet, mobile, electro-optics and water technology.

The Honorable Antonio R. Villaraigosa is an American politician who served as the 41st Mayor of Los Angeles, California from 2005 to 2013. Prior to being elected Mayor he was a member of the California State Assembly from 1994 to 2000, the Democratic leader of the Assembly from 1996 to 1998, and the Speaker of the California State Assembly from 1998 to 2000. After leaving the State Assembly due to term limits, he was elected to the Los Angeles City Council from 2003 until he was elected Mayor in 2005. Villaraigosa is a member of the Democratic Party, national co-chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, a member of President Barack Obama's Transition Economic Advisory Board, and Chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September 2012.

Dr. Shlomo Wald is the Chief Scientist of the Israel Ministry of Ministry of Energy and Water. He is responsible for long-term national policy and technology development in the fields of energy, water, earth, and marine sciences. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Wald was the Manager and Scientific adviser of Engineering, Construction, Erection and Promotion Ltd. and A. Wald Trade and Investment Ltd. He has 20 years of experience as the Chief Scientist at the Propulsion Physics Laboratory at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the United States – Israel Bi-national Science Foundation. Dr. Wald has over 100 publications and holds several patents, mainly in plasma applications in waste treatment and hard coating technologies. He holds a Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science and a Postdoctoral fellowship at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

Mr. Joby Warrick writes about the Middle East, diplomacy and national security for The Post’s National desk. In 14 years with The Post he has covered the intelligence community, WMD proliferation and the environment, and served as a member of the Post’s investigative unit. His articles about proliferation threats earned him the Overseas Press Club of America’s 2004 award for best newspaper interpretation of international affairs. Joby came to The Post from The News and Observer of Raleigh, N.C., where he shared the Pulitzer Prize for public service in 1996 for a series of articles on factory farming. The North Carolina native was previously an East European correspondent for UPI and also worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Delaware County Daily Times. He graduated from Temple University.

Mr. R. James Woolsey is the Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies at the Woolsey Partners and Venture Partner with Lux Capital Management. He is also Senior Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he was previously Vice President. He formerly served as Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Woolsey chairs the Board of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and is a senior fellow at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Among other roles, he served as Ambassador to the Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, as Under Secretary of the Navy, and as General Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services. He earned an M.A. from Oxford and an L.L.B. from Yale Law School.

MK Lt. Gen. (res.) Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon is a Member of the Knesset’s Likud party. In 1995, Minister Ya'alon was promoted to the rank of Major General and appointed to the position of Head of Intelligence. In 1998, he was appointed Head of the Central Command, and after two years was promoted to Deputy Chief of the General Staff, where he led the IDF, with Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz, through 'Operation Defensive Shield' against the Palestinian terror war. On the 9th of July 2002, Minister Ya'alon was appointed as the IDF's 17th Chief of the General Staff. During Minister Ya'alon's tenure, the IDF found itself at the height of its struggle against Palestinian terror, and the battle to dismantle the terror infrastructure. On the 1st of June 2005, Minister Ya'alon finished his term as Chief of Staff and left for Washington, where he served as a research fellow in the prestigious think tank, The Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy. In 2006, he became a senior fellow at the 'Shalem' Center in Jerusalem.

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Shlomo Yanai is the chairman of U.S. drug development company Cambrex Corporation. He is the Former President and CEO of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Makhteshim-Agan Industries Ltd. He served in the Israel Defense Forces for over 30 years in command, staff, and training positions including: Head of the Planning Branch, Commanding General of Southern Command, Chief of Staff of the GOC Army Headquarters, and Commander of an Armored Division. For his military service in the Yom Kippur War, he was awarded the Medal of Distinguished Service. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. A graduate of the U.S. National Defense College, he holds an M.A. in national resources management from George Washington University, and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University School of Business Administration.

Ms. Ahuva Yanai has been CEO of Matan since 2002. Prior to joining Matan, she served for 28 years in the Israel Defense Forces in senior positions, including the Military Ombudsman, Head of Academic HR Branch and Head of Casualty Liaison Branch. She retired as Colonel. Over the years, Yanai has also been involved in social and business endeavors, serving as Board member of a Mutual Funds Investment Company; Board member of The Council for Cable TV and Satellite Broadcasting and Board member of The Israel Management Center, to name a few. Ms. Yanai holds an M.A. in Political Science.

Mr. Elisha Yanay is Chairman of the Board of the Israel Association of Electronics & Software Industries. He served as the president and CEO of Motorola Israel, and as Senior Vice President of Motorola Global.  

Mr. Oved Yehezkel is the CEO of TARA Consulting Group and former Secretary of the Cabinet in the Prime Minister’s Office. He served as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Senior Adviser to Ehud Olmert in his capacities as Acting Prime Minister, Minister of Communications, Minister of Industry, Trade and Employment, and Adviser to the Mayor of Jerusalem. He holds a B.A. in international relations and Middle East studies from Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Mr. Eli Yones is the Former CEO of Mizrahi Tefahot Bank in Israel. Mr. Yones also served various positions in the government sector such as deputy accountant general and accountant general. He was head of the financial division in Bank Hapoalim, and later became CEO of Bank Hapoalim. Mr. Yones received his M.B.A. from the Hebrew University.

Prof. Daniel Zajfman is President of the Weizmann Institute of Science. He is an Israeli physicist whose main research interests are centered around the physics of simple molecular ions. He received his B.Sc. in Physics and his PhD in atomics physics from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa. He conducted his post-doctoral studies at the Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, US.

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