IPS Policy Papers

Rare survey in Saudi Arabia revealed surprising results

June 2015


Israel 2015: Munich 1938 or Helsinki 1975

Stephen D Krasner, June 2015


A Nuclear Arrangement Doomed to Fail

Abraham D. Sofaer, June 2015


The IPS Saudi Arabia Survey Results

Prof. Alex Mintz & Eli Mograbi, June 2015


The Herzliya Indices

National Security Balance - The Civilian Quantitative Dimension

Prof. Rafi Melnick, June 2015


Islamic State and al-Qaeda Competing for Hearts & Minds

Ely Karmon, June 2015


Attitudes of Hispanics toward Israel

Amnon Cavari & Shir Marom Melnik. May 2015


GE Industrial Internet

Oded Meirav, June 2015


Nano/Micro Satellites

The Need for Launchers
David Bergman, June 2015


The Middle East after an Iran deal

Meir Javedanfar, June 2015


The Internet of REALLY IMPORTANT Things

Harel Kodesh, June 2015


Robotics for a better Society

Chaim Ruso, June 2015


EDF EN Israel from the sky

Alain Vaniche, June 2015


Scale-up the Start-up Nation

Yitzhak Peterburg, June 2015


A Fresh Start on Israel’s Relations with the US and Europe: What would it take?

Gil Troy, June 2015


Contemporary Relation between India and Israel in Historical Perspective

Manas Chatterji, June 2015


Geopolitics and Energy

Amos Hochstein, June 2015


World Energy Markets The Natural Gas Revolution

Yossie Hollander, June 2015

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