IPS Policy Papers and Presentations

Israel and India celebrating silver jubilee

Shaul Shay
June 2017

Simlulation on: Israel in a Multi-Front Confrontation

Main insights from the simulations of the foreign research institutions

SIMULATION: Israel in a Multi-Front Escalation


Regional Water Security: Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle East

Shaul Shay
June 2017

Trends in (Global) Islamic Terror

Aharon Zeevi Farkash

The New Anti-Semitism

Yossie Hollander

National Security Changing the Paradigm

Dan Ben-David

The Democracy Barometer: Israel’s Democracy in a Comparative Perspective

Maoz Rosenthal

An Inclusive Israeli Society or Separate Tribes?

Alex Mintz, Chaim Weizmann, Ori Slonim, Chen Elisha & Tom Lourie

Sounding the Alarm

Fern Oppenheim

Fighting New Anti-Semitism in America

Adam Milstein

The Global Economy and Central Banks’ Policies

Dr. Jacob A. Frenkel

The Herzliya Indices

National Security Balance The Civilian Quantitative Dimension
Prof. Rafi Melnick
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