Risks and Opportunities in the Middle East and the Global Arena:
Is the Threat Level on the Rise?


·        Are Israel and Iran on the Brink of Confrontation?

·        Is Israel Ready for the Next War? Ministers of Defense Weigh in

·        A New World Order? Intelligence Chiefs' Global Perspectives

·        The End of the “Two-State” Solution? What Now?

·        The Comeback of the “Russian Bear”


·         U.S. Leadership in the Middle East: Implications for Israel

·         Saudi Arabia at a Crossroads

·         A Nuclear North Korea – The Fallout on the Middle East

·         The Escalating Water Crisis – A Threat to the Future of the Middle East

·         Updating Israel’s National Security Doctrine

·         The Regional Arms Race – Is Israel Maintaining its Qualitative Military Edge?

·         Israel’s International Standing – Better than Ever?

·         Simulation: Israel and the Middle East 2025


National Resilience – Lights and Shadows


·         Israel at 70: Quo Vadis? The Battle for the Nation’s Identity and Future

·         Israel and U.S. Jewry – On a Collision Course?

·         Women in Israel 2018: Status Report

·         Is Israel Ready for the Innovation & Technology Revolution? The Challenge and Response

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