The 1st Conference - 2000






The First Herzliya Conference took place in December 2001.

The proceedings, summaries and task force papers of the conference were published and are available at the IPS. These publications include:


1.       "The Balance of National Security" Edited by Dr. Uzi Arad, Yedioth Ahronoth Books and Chemed Books, Tel-Aviv, 2001. The book includes all the first annual Herzliya Conference documents: Executive Summary, Conference Proceedings, Task Forces Reports, and General Information about the Conference. (Hebrew).

2.       "Conference Working Groups Papers" Papers and Task Force Reports prepared and presented at the first annual Herzliya Conference, December 2000 (Hebrew).

3.       Executive Summary of the Herzliya Conference Executive summary of the main issues and ideas conveyed at the conference. (Hebrew and English).


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